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Well I bought myself a Kindle Paperwhite (highly recommended) which has allowed me to increase my book consumption. I am reading several books at the moment, one of them being Evola’s Fascism Viewed From The Right. Which is a critique of fascism. Although Evola is “out there” at times he nonetheless makes some good insights on rightist thought. 


Ideally, the concept of a true Right, what we mean by the Right, ought to be defined in terms of forces and traditions that act formativily on a group of nations, and sometimes also on super-national unifications, before the French Revolution, before the advent of the Third Estate and the world of the masses, and before bourgeoisie and industrial culture, with all it’s consequences and it’s games, which consist of actions and concordant reactions that have led to the contemporary chaos and to all that threatens to destroy the little that still remains of European culture and European prestige” 


Of Kings And Demagogues

Recently, the nation of Poland proposed an outright ban on the heinous and evil crime of abortion. Shortly following said proposal massive amounts of women took to the street to protest. Not only did they protest in the streets but many women (and a few men) walked out of a Catholic Mass after the priest called for a ban on it as well. Shortly after the protest,  “Lawmakers with Poland’s ruling right-wing party voted in a tumultuous parliamentary commission session to reject a proposal for a total ban on abortion.” With the minister of science and higher education, Jaroslaw Gowin stating that the protest, “caused us to think and taught us humility” and that “there will not be a total abortion ban.”

To those of us on the dissident right, this is terrible news. Which brings me to the topic of this article. The duties of a King, verses the failures of the politician.

For those of you on facebook, there is a page called The Patriarchy (I recommend following it). The founder and editor of the site recently had this to say,

A king was fist born the son of a king, born of a lineage of rulers. From his earliest years, he was schooled intensively in history, geography, languages, diplomacy, the sciences of theology and the arts.

He trained with his father’s soldiers in the making of war, and knew that earning their respect was paramount to his success. He was tried and tested every day of his life, and if he was found wanting, the throne was passed to another. If he became king, he would seek to preserve and enhance his realm, carefully husbanding both the land and its people so as to pass them intact to his offspring.

A politician comes to power only by being the most skillful liar, con-artist and teleprompter-reader. His power entirely dependent upon the whim of the people, he must tell them what they want to hear the vast majority of the time. Lacking substantial means of his own, he will be prey to greed; and this, combined with is limited term of office, will induce him to tax and loot and pillage and avail himself of every kind of corruption. Once out of office, he no longer has any care for the people, aside from continuing to draw money from them to pay his handsome pension.

The king is to the politician what a homeowner is to the squatter.

-Micheal MacConnell

For any of you who have read my page on Monarchy, I have spoken of this. Hans-Herman Hoppe makes this very clear in his book Democracy: The God that Failed speaking of how the it is in the best interest of a King to not over exploit his peoples because it will reduce the amount of money in his estate which in turn will create problems for his lineage.

Besides the economic interest a Sovereign has by not exploiting his people too heavily he also has an interest, nay, a duty to safeguard his realm and people. He, although listens to the pleas of his people, is not owned by them. They do not control him. And when the masses cry out for the “freedom” to do evil he has an obligation to dismiss their whims and reprimand them for their inclination to evil.

A monarch plays the role of a father. Similar to that of the household structure, the King is a father of his nation. His first, and primary duty is protector of his “family”. Just as a father take the hard stances and tell his children “no” when they seek to do things that may cause harm to themselves or their family, so does the King stand firm in his resolve and tells the masses “no” when they seek similar ends. Monarchy stems from the Greek orgins of mono, meaning single, and arche, which is a word that means leadership. Therefore, a Monarchy is the fatherly rule of one man.

To allow the shifting whims of the masses to determine that an evil is a good is a failure of duty and an offense to God. Not only is this a temporal danger to the physical well being of a populace, but also a danger to the souls of men. To allow men to fall into the very pits of hell in the name of “freedom” is a crime so heinous it cries out to the heavens. Those nations that fight for the freedoms of evil will reap what they sow. God, although wishing all men to be saved, respects our will and shall deliver us to our desires if that is what we choose. This is why the journey into hell is a choice we make. If we choose evil over good and end up suffering for our actions, it is no ones fault except our own.

My dear brothers and sisters, now, more then ever is the time to fight for truth, beauty and goodness. Fight with all your might and strength. Do not be waylaid by demons and wicked men. Do not give into despair and anguish. Trust in the Lord your God. If you fight for the truth, if you fight for the Lord he will surly fight for you. All of these unholy empires and usurpers will soon face the justice of God. For the Lord will NOT be mocked. Tremble before his might. Revere him, glorify him and fight for him. For if you do, when God pours his vengeance out on mankind you shall find favor among his court and you will attain Glory for his holy name and kingdom.

Out of ruins we shall rise.

To reclaim the Glory lost.

To restore the eternal order.

We are the Soldier of Christ.

The Church Militant.

Soldiers of Truth.

Rising like a phoenix out of the ashes.

Unstoppable in our resolve.

Unflinching in our mission.

 Gloria in excelsis Deo 





The Forge of Struggle

Passion is a word that has its root in the Greek verb πασχω, meaning to suffer. It is, by definition, a near uncontrollable emotion or desire for something. We all struggle to become masters over our emotions (passions), allowing our emotions to run rampant is not only a danger to the destination of our immortal soul, but it is also a danger to our physical well being, along with a danger to the community. We can see examples of this in movements such as BLM, Nazism and Nihilistic Black Pillers. BLM and Nazism are both fueled by anger (rage) and hate. Black Pill takers are overcome with despair. It is important as reactionaries and men of virtue that we control our emotional response to things in a prudent manner.

I tweeted today about my struggle with such things. Life, it seems at times, can be a rollercoaster of uncontrollable emotions. There are times I feel angry, deeply saddened and even apathetic. Now, it is okay to have righteous anger, or to experience sadness if they don’t control you. However, apathy is never okay. It is demonic in its origins. Adam Wallace of West Coast Reactionaries responded to my tweet with a wonderful statement.

A reactionary should be stable and intense like [the] Sun, not shifting and emphased like the Moon. -Adam Wallace

We must all strive to achieve mastery over are emotions. For us Catholics and Orthodox it is important to pray to God that he gives you the strength to not be overcome by emotions. Due to our fallen nature, our life is a constant struggle. This is not news to the reactionary nor is it an impenetrable wall. It is a mountain, something that is big, yet can be overcome with perseverance, faith and courage. The struggle of life is a challenge that all of us should be willing to meet. Just as fire tempers steal, so too does struggle temper our resolve. Struggle is our forge. Suffering is our fire. By overcoming such things, by meeting them head on with courage, man can remake himself. It is not a easy journey, and the path to nobility is full of perils and false paths. There is a reason that Jesus told us the path is narrow and many are lead astray. The righteous path is dark and rough, but at the end glory awaits.

So my friends, I say to thee. Fight. Struggle. Suffer. Overcome. Rome was not built in a day, and neither is the noble man. Temper your soul in the fires of struggle and emerge victorious, ever stronger.

Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor. -Alexis Carrel


Random Thoughts

Thoughts that I have that either don’t constitute an entire blog post or may get one down the road.

The rise of sexual fetishes, kinks and homosexuality directly correlates with the over-stimulation that modern man receives in a hyper-sexual and pornographic culture. Sexual stimulation leads to dopamine release. The more you release the more your brain craves, leading to more and more extreme means to get that “high”. In a modest society where hypersexual media isn’t available and intercourse is an act between married couples (open to life), it becomes satisfactory and ordered properly.


The modern American complains that everything gets politicized, yet still wants to live in a democratic system. Get used to the Faustian bargains of modernity folks.


Westboro Baptist Church doesn’t seem to realize that God also hates heresy. They are in for a shock.


If you identify as a different gender then what your chromosome indicates, you have a mental illness and need to be institutionalized.


Glory is not an abstract concept only attainable by conquerors and kings. Glory is the manifestation of excellence. One can attain glory in many different capacities. Remember, that such excellent deeds are not diminished just because they may go unpraised.


Capitalism is a materialistic ideology that contributes to mass immigration in an attempt to provide cheaper labor. Communism and Capitalism are different sides of the same coin.


Fascism is too modern to be a sustainable or long term system.


Weed will make you a libertarian. That alone is reason not to smoke it.


Women are more demotic and vindictive then men. Which is not a good trait when it comes to foreign policy.


Money may alleviate material suffering but only faith can alleviate existential suffering. Even then suffering is unavoidable. Offer it up to the cross.


The modern world addresses symptoms, not the root cause. A perfect example would be gun violence.




The Need for Authoritarianism

Another great article from Testis Gratus

Ad Calvariam


[First posted at WCR: 10 September 2016]

The propagation of Enlightenment philosophy led to an obsession with liberty and freedom in Western Europe. This is how we ended up with Classical Liberalism in its various forms. I should not need to point out the flaws of Liberalism for anyone reading this. Certain Liberal (in the original sense of the word) tendencies remain in right-wing political theory, even in the “alt-right” with the ever-increasing Liberalism for Whites™ crowd. However, this has caused some on the “right,” like the contingent of libertarians and anarcho-capitalists, to react with hostility toward absolutism and centralized government.

In a previous article, I highlighted Juan Donoso Cortes‘ theory of repression and the need for internal discipline through religion, specifically Christianity. Liberalism fails to address the issue of governing a degenerate populace and, indeed, contributes to such a problem. In my article, I quoted Cortes, appropriately…

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Archeofuturism in Action


                Inevitability: the slow return to the vast, seething, granite values of the past which motivated an entire continent, across epochs, to war against itself and anything which opposed it. The Ancient world is a poor candle to the Medieval; the so called “Dark Ages” will be thought of henceforth as a Golden Age.

                Necessity: growth, expansion, aggression, virility, masculinity, thrusting and posturing; a faith which does not see itself as gardener or caterer but bodyguard and soldier – the folk must return to the Fidei Defensor as the faith embraces the Ecclesia Militans.

                Throne and Altar; book and sword; hand and eye; tongue and fist; Crucifix and empty tomb; the Lamb of God and the Lion of Judah; there is no in-between, no lukewarm, there is the Christ and the Satan, therefore we embrace the stance bequeathed us by our enemies and our forebears, we must be…

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The Evolution Of My Politics

Its been a while since I last posted anything. I apologize for that. Anyway I would like to jot down in this post a brief overview of the evolution of my political journey.

Where it all started….

I was raised in a big R, conservative, upper-middle class family. My father, hailing from small town Oklahoma, was raised Mormon before converting to Catholicism later in his life. Due to his upbringing in not only a red state, but also a Mormon home, it is easy to understand how his leanings were to the right. Although I have my issues with Mormonism, it is hard to ignore the strict moral and traditional family values that it pushes. Growing up I always remember my father being very open politically, consistently highlighting his contempt for the democratic party. A mixture of this along with the values of hard work, the importance of family and a good support structure at home laid the foundations that my current beliefs are sitting on.

Aspect of faith…

I was raised Catholic. I attended a Catholic grade school and was taken to church on Sundays and other holy days when I was young. When I got confirmed (for those of you that don’t know, it is basically when I began to hold responsibility for my faith) we stopped going to Church. My parents, although very traditional in the aspect of family, had the typical baby-boomer approach to faith. My mother was raised somewhat irreligious (Christian, yet not) and I suspect due to my fathers exposer to Mormonism’s strict rules he was somewhat turned off to heavily structured religion. Unfortunate as this may be I will still forever be grateful for the fulfillment of the duties of forming my faith the best they could and taking me to mass. It has no doubt allowed me to return to my faith later in life.

Youth and young adulthood….

During high school was when I began to lead to very secular and hedonistic lifestyle. I never became an atheists but I was nominally Christian (something we are all too familiar with in the modern world). I maintained my big R republican stance and was quite known by my peers for being a political hot-head.

Following this period in my life I began college (or University for those of you outside the states). This period in my life is when the political evolution truly began. I majored in Political Science and began to explore not only the different stages of political change though history but I also began to explore the history of the world itself. At the same time that my political journey began, my journey back to Catholicism also began. This was due to the fact that many of my acquaintances in college were protestant. They constantly pestered me about being Catholic (many believing it to be a pagan religion). This caused me to look into my own faith and its history. By this point I had begun to reject the two-party system and began to move into the libertarian/classical liberal ideology. Without going into much detail, the mix of me reverting to my faith and a honest look at politics, history and statecraft caused me to journey further and further back. I eventually stumbled across Mark Citadel’s blog Citadel Foundations. This began to seal the deal. I began reading older books, Rx blogs and deeply exploring the importance of tradition.

I am now in my mid-20s and my evolution of politics has lead me to the counter-revolutionary Rx view of the world. Now that my understanding of the world is more solidified, I have been attempting to foster a noble and virtues life that I wish to see flourish. It has not been easy, and breaking many old habits has been hard so I ask any of you who pray, to pray for me.

In a very brief and undetailed nutshell, that is the journey that led me to where I am. I am grateful to be raised in the family I have. Although my parents aren’t ideal or even close to my current worldview they did lay the foundations that brought me to where I am. I have also had a decent influence on my fathers political thought which is at least a step.

Keep up the good fight fellow Thought Criminals.

Quote of the Day 

Been reading Guénon lately. Came across this passage.
“Humanism was the first form of what has subsequently become contemporary secularism; and, owing to its desire to reduce everything to the measure of man as an end in himself, modern civilization has sunk stage by stage until it has reached the level of the lowest elements in man and aims at little more then satisfying the need inherent to the material side of his nature, an aim is in any case quite illusionary since it came constantly creates more artificial needs then it can satisfy” – Guénon Crisis of the Moden Word 

Neoreaction, Alt-Right and Politics

Alfa NL


I can not lie: I am really enjoying the convergence of Trump, mainstream media and the Alt-Right. Trump signing up with Breitbart is the final confirmation. Dutchies had never heard of Breitbart before a week ago and do not understand what is going on. I have known Breitbart since a year or so because of Milo, the homosexual journalist with fabulous hair. Back then he was touring around the US on his dangerous fag tour, trolling people with alt-right memes and generally being a funny flamboyant gay. Recently he got banned from twitter when he gave the Ghostbusters remake a deserved thumbs down.

Now Hillary Clinton will apparently give a speech on thursday explicitly addressing alt-right. The final final confirmation. Oh boy.

Who expected it to go this fast? Not me. At the same time I’m not surprised. The internet is by large a free speech zone which means memes flow freely and…

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