On Modern Israel

Here in America the Israel questions seem to only have two answers. You either support Israel or you support terrorists. This of course is completely absurd. The main argument that the neoconservative ‘right’ seems to latch on to is that we should support Israel because it is the only democracy in the region and they are fighting the same people we are. Furthermore many of Israel’s supporters tend to be Protestants and their support comes from their erroneous view of the end times, also known as dispensationalism. In reality the support for Israel began with the Evangelical ‘right’ because of particular religious beliefs. This in turn led to the entirety of the American conservative sphere to support Israel. Before I begin to discuss dispensationalism lets go over the other two “reasons” people support Israel.

Claim: “We ought to support Israel because it is the only democracy in the area.”

Response: The idea the Israel ought to be supported because it is a democracy is nothing new. This idea that democracy and republican forms of government are an absolute good is nothing short of civil religion. This isn’t anything surprising. We live in a liberal democracy, therefore it will teach us through its propaganda that this is the best form of government. However their is no proof for it being the best form. On the contrary their is plenty of proof showing the failure of liberal democracy. This is a discussion for another time and to do it justice requires its own post dedicated to it.

Claim: “They are fighting the same enemy we are.”

Response: There really isn’t any other response but “so what?” The Soviets fought the Nazis. The Iranians oppose Isis. Hell, the Mujahideen fought Soviet Russia and we all know how that turned out for us. The claim that we should support someone just because they have a common enemy doesn’t really mean anything and lacks any intellectual backing whatsoever.

Furthermore, one must also realize that Israel sways much of our foreign policy through lobbying and it has turned out to be a disaster. Much of the U.S. involvement in the Middle East is due to Israeli interests, not U.S. interests. We have spent billions upon billions of dollars all because of some heretical end-time worldview that modern Israel is the Israel from biblical times.

Now let us move on to the real issue, Dispensationalism. First let us go into what this means and what it entails. Dispensationalism leads to the view that Zionist Israel is somehow the sacred cow. For some of the more fundamentalist Christians it even goes so far as an attempt to rebuild the Third Temple and reengage animal sacrifice which is a smack in the face to Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. It is the belief that God has a separate plan for the Jews and for the Christians. This is absolute heresy. Let me explain what it entails….

It basically assumes since the Jews rejected Jesus that the plan for a earthly Kingdom of Israel for the Jews is just postponed. Instead the Church develops (Christianity) and this is an unforeseen consequence of the Messiah’s coming which leads to the “Parenthesis Period” (a pause in Gods real plan for the ethnic Jews). Eventually Christ returns and raptures up all Christians (or the “church”). This is followed by the great Tribulations and the coming of the Antichrist. Following this 144,000 Jews begin to preach the Gospel and things reach a point where the Battle of Armageddon occurs. Christ then comes a third time and there is an instant conversion of all Israel. God sets up his millennial Kingdom and binds Satan. The ethnic Jews get a kingdom on earth complete with Temple sacrifices and the Church gets to go to heavenly Jerusalem floating above the earthly one. Apparently Satan is then loosed for a season and a revolt follows. Christ then comes a fourth time for the final judgement and the new heaven and earth are created.

yeah… some silly shit, right?

If you are still supporting Israel after this it is either because you subscribe to dispensationalism or you think that supporting democracy is an absolute.

Let me clear it all up for you right now. You don’t have to support Israel or Palestine. There is a third option, support neither. I personally support the Christians, many whom are Palestinian. I am a Catholic and the Church is the new Israel (those who honor Jesus Christ through the new covenant). I oppose Zionism, Post Temple Judaism (which is NOT what our forefathers practiced) and Islam. My loyalty is with Christ and his Church.

La foi Catholique d’abord!



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