Beauty of Architecture

Even the tiny leftovers of medieval Germany are infinitely more charming than the very best of the Borg society that usurped it.” – E.H. Looney 

Something that this post-modern world is desperately missing is beauty in its architecture. It lacks depth and spirit, just like most of modern art. In essence thats what architecture is, it is art. When one looks at the remnants of the old order they see immense beauty in even the most simple of buildings. Today all of that is lacking, there is no beauty to modern architecture (of course there are exceptions). Today things are built with the capitalist mentality in mind, maximize profits and minimize expenses. Although this mentality can be acceptable in particular areas of economics, it only leads to cheap looking structures that decay or need to be torn down only decades after they are built.

This leads me to a particular insight on Catholic/Orthodox architecture. Many times I hear modernists speak about how the Church should stop being such a hypocrite and sell its art and extravagant decor and give the money to the poor. This is nothing but a misunderstanding of the theological implications of such extravagance. One thing that the human soul not only desires, but needs, is beauty. It feeds the soul and speaks to the magnificence and glory of the Lord. One of the key motivations for building such wonderfully beautiful Cathedrals was to express the glory and magnificence of God himself.

This my friends is beauty! cathedral


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