Lets start with mass immigration of moral clarity

Wonderful post by Zippy Catholic. Very intelligent blogger!

Zippy Catholic

In the case of the positive moral precepts, prudence always has the task of verifying that they apply in a specific situation, for example, in view of other duties which may be more important or urgent.  – Veritatis Splendour

Negative moral precepts oblige always and everywhere.  No circumstances or good intentions can justify the deliberate choice of an intrinsically immoral concrete behavior. Adultery and sodomy for example can never be justified under any circumstances and are always objectively grave matter, the matter of mortal sin.  Those kinds of behaviors are the grave matter of mortal sin no matter how much sympathy we may have for the people choosing those behaviors, how good their intentions, or how difficult the circumstances.

Positive precepts – give to the poor, welcome the stranger, tend the sick, and even conserve nature – are no less important than the negative precepts.  However precisely what to do and when…

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