Equality and the Nature of Man

I have noticed, in my engagements with feminists, is that many times they claim that because I support patriarchy I therefore think of myself as superior to women. This, however, is untrue. I believe that the nature of men and women are different and due to that we are predisposed to have different places in this life. A women for example is a better homemaker and nurturer of children. By attempting to bring men and women into equality not only denies the true nature of things but assumes that one of the two natures in inferior. To the liberal, the fact that a women should seek to raise children is seen as oppressive, yet if given enough thought it also shows that they believe that the nature of the feminine is inferior to men. Instead of embracing their nature as women they attempt to bring both men and women into equal plains, in essence stating that “I want to be like men, because I see my feminine nature as inferior.” It is ironic that they claim that the man views the women as inferior, when in fact they are the ones who reject their own nature as lesser, in their attempt to be like man. Respecting the dignity of another does not equate to equalizing all things. I can properly respect the dignity of a women by recognizing that she is different in nature then myself. It does not mean she is lesser then me nor does it mean she does not hold adequate power. It is quite the contrary. A women, through the raising of children, has the power to make or break a nation. By rejecting this, she has cast her nature and power to the side in pursuits of a nature that is not her own and therefore shall not bear the fruits that she seeks.  It is a sad world when people view the begetting of children as a oppressive burden, when in reality it is a wonderful gift and something that should be cherished.


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