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Let this be the final word on the ’14/88 crowd’. Their endgame is the Occident, minus ethnic minorities. Our endgame is the Occident, minus the entire pernicious edifice of Modernity. Those are two very different things. -Mark Citadel


The blog that I probably spend the most time reading, Citadel Foundations, recently produced an article addressing what seems to be somewhat of a rivalry within the alt-right. It defends the Catholic/Orthodox Rx school of thought. It can be found here. I suggest you read it along with a previous post by Mark on what it means to be ‘right’. It can be found here.

Now for my own commentary on the matter.

I was brought into Rx through a combination of things. They entailed an interest, along with a degree, in Political Thought; a reversion to Catholicism, specifically Traditional Catholicism; a realization that something about Modernity doesn’t seem correct (brought about by my faith) and a foundation set in being raised by conservatives. Eventually, through study of my faith, history and the reading of Rx material I made the journey over to the dissident right.

When I began using twitter to promote my blog I was able to view the alt-rights diversity more clearly. Although there is a multitude of different views, many times a mix of several, there seems to be two larger competing schools of thought. These are the Throne and Alter Christendom  and the Fascists. Now obviously it get much more complex based off person to person, some with views pulling from both, but I don’t want to go too deeply into that.

I am going to go over what my views, as someone on the Throne and Alter side, seek to achieve. I won’t go into much detail on the Fascist side because it is not my intention to compare the two, but to clarify my position.

As a Catholic Reactionary I am a counter-revolutioanry. I seek the restoration of Christendom to a form of governance before that of the Enlightenment period. Now, I do have particular interest in certain ways to model it because there is always room for improvement in some areas, but in summary I am a Monarchist. I believe in tradition, private government, true aristocracy, Christianity as the state religion, and the social reign of Christ. Also it is important to note that many alt-righters seem to advocate for a ‘white identity’ which in essence isn’t the best term to use. The Occidental man is diverse and I think that is a good thing. Therefore there cannot be one giant white identity. I think it is important to have different Kingdoms that are defined by the customs and traditions of their own peoples (different Occidental peoples that is). This is not to say that these Kingdoms can’t be united under a common Empire, but it allows them to operate within their respected traditions. (I would also like to note that this should not be a reason for division among Occidental man. Our different traditions should be cherished but we should remain united under our faith, another reason for Christendom) One can use the Catholic Church as an example. There are 26 rites in union with the Roman Church, all adhere to the same faith, yet all have particular traditions that grew out of particular cultures. The most obvious example being the Latin Rite and the Byzantine Rite, one grew out of western culture the other out of Eastern.

So what I am saying is I am not a fascist, 14/88er, Neo-Pagan, or National Socialist. I am a Throne and Alter, counter-revolutionary, Traditional Catholic, Monarchist. I seeks a return to the glory of the Occident, and a Rx form of society within the morality of true orthodox Christian teaching.



Again I advise you to visit Citadel Foundations for a much more thought out discussion of such things.




4 thoughts on “Christian Rx

  1. Thanks for this treatment. I’m glad you appreciate my work.

    I put forward that I don’t think the real die-hard National Socialist crowd can be considered Alt-Right at all. They just don’t fit with what even the most crude Alt-Right is about, hence why, as I point out in the article, you have Kyle Hunt attacking the comedienesque RamZPaul, who I very much admire. They are kind of a step backward, to what it used to mean to be radically right, but they have been exposed for their own failings and ideological concessions. The Alt-Right, at its most crude engages in heavy trolling to trigger SJWs and the like. The NatSoc right, at its most crude, engages in shootings at a Charleston Church. Big difference.

    If I had to define the entire Alt-Right religiously, I would say it is half made up of Christian traditionalists of some stripe, and half made up of atheists who recognize the value and necessity of traditional Christianity to an Occidental future. This is a very good place to be, especially considering the larger cultural milieu.

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    1. I agree with this assessment. I can just be frustrating sometimes conversing with people who think all the alt-right is made up of is NatSoc. I guess there isn’t much that can be done when the current systems goal is to slander our position.


  2. Thanks for the clarification of what traditionalists believe. I am also a traditionalist. My difficulty with traditionalism is that I don’t see a path from here to there. The old aristocracy is highly comprised. Even if people wanted them to return to power, I am not sure that they wouldn’t give us exactly what we have today but with some extra pomp.

    Some have discussed the formation of a new nobility, but I am not sure that is really possible.

    To get throne & altar, we’d also need the altar part, but the Church is thoroughly riven by Enlightenment ideals at this point. Eventually, I believe the Church will come back on course, and it could happen quickly, but it would take a great saint.

    On the Alt Right: They have this one observation correct–diversity is not working. A diverse empire, such as the Holy Roman Empire, can work, but it consists, as you say, of different kingdoms and peoples—not the hodgepodge salad bowl that we have today.

    In the absence of viable return to tradition, do you think it is legitimate to work for the return, at the very least, of a nationalistic government? Also, recall that the first emperor came out the Roman Republic. Caesar was a politician in that republic.


    1. Thanks for the response Michael. I do agree that the system I advocate can’t just be remade, but I think it is possible eventually. It will take a lot of work and time however.

      My view of nationalism is not so much the idea that many of the alt-right fascists seem to see it. I do not advocate for a system like that of Nazi Germany. This is because I reject the entire concept of the modern nation state. Now, I do understand what you are saying. Would it be better to go toward something like a nationalistic state? I suppose to a degree it would be okay, but it wouldn’t last, just like much of modernity.

      Now I do in a sense support nationalism, but in a different concept. Free Northerner writes a good description here and calls it Thedism.

      In honesty however, I don’t expect the west to be fixed by someone like Trump, or a movement of fascist alt-rights, although they do a great job moving the overtone window and I consider them allies. We cannot fix the problems with just a reconstruction of government. What needs to happen is cultural change. Without God, piety and tradition we won’t solve anything. We must re-cultivate an orthodox Christian culture before anything can truly be reborn. With out the foundation of Christianity not much can be done. I think regardless the system will eventually collapse, then will be the time to rebuild the world.
      Also have you ever read about the Great Catholic Monarch prophecy? It is quite interesting.


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