Intelligence and Atheism?

There is a phenomenon that shows that the higher the average intelligence of a nation the lower the amount of belief in God. Atheists like to point to this as some “proof” that God isn’t real… which is a pretty unintelligent attempt at disproving God. I find this claim silly. Yes, the lower IQ person might be more predisposed to believe in a supernatural force, but they are also more prone to misunderstanding of the deep and complex nature of spiritual theology. There is a reason the Catholic Church teaches and has a dogma, traditions, and laws. The average person looks to it as a guide because many people lack the IQ to dive into such deep subjects. However, if you look at the doctors of the Church, such as Aquinas, you will see brilliant intellect.

Let us also remember that intelligence, wisdom and knowledge are all separate things, however, they may overlap at times. There are plenty of intelligent people who are ignorant of things, and vise versa. Wisdom is the same. We can see examples riddled through history and in contemporary times of highly intelligent people who lack wisdom.

Or it could all be due to pride. If you discover that your intellect is 145 it may cause to look down on others and think of yourself as the most intelligent. And I tell you this, pride will always fog wisdom.

The point is, IQ isn’t everything. Yes, its true that you don’t want a real low IQ but the average person doesn’t need a genius level intellect to lead a good life. Let us also remember that extremely high levels of IQ can lead to higher chances of mental illness, despair, low social integration and isolation. It isn’t always a gift to be a genius. You will have geniuses and imbeciles on both sides of the spectrum so the argument that smart people don’t believe in God is a silly propostion. It speaks nothing to the truth.

There you have it. My unintelligent rambling about intelligence.


7 thoughts on “Intelligence and Atheism?

  1. The Contrite Catholic

    I have pondered this fact myself. I think it comes down to a zeitgeist of militant atheism being spearheaded by very visible scientist and philosophers. Essentially, it’s the intellectual trend, just as at one time baby formula was the scientific trend or just as radium was advised to be taken ‘to improve health’.

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    1. Many of these scientists, though they be intelligent in a particular area are ignorant when it comes to metaphysics it seems. People don’t seem to realize that the study of metaphysics and philosophy must be approached differently. The main issue I have with the New Atheist is he seems to base all his fact off the false pseudo-religion of scientism, not science. I think Nietzsche was a much more intelligent critic of religion compared to these new atheists. But Its hard for me to get into their head since I have never been one. You probably understand it better then I do.

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      1. The Contrite Catholic

        It’s a lot of arrogance and pride, but mostly, a defect of will. Who wants to be told what they desire/want isn’t ok? If we created a religion, we didn’t make it very easy….

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  2. Science and technology give material means, not spiritual meaning. Truth in the higher sense has always existed and it always will, and the arrogance of the atheistic modern is only symptomatic of our anthropocentric, materialistic age.

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