Latae Sententiae

Latae Sententiae is a latin term in the Catholic Church that means “sentenced passed”. It refers to excommunication. Many times we hear people ask why politicians who claim to be Catholic aren’t excommunicated by the Pope for their stances on things such as abortion or sodomy. Technically they are excommunicated. Late Sententiae was created because the Pope cannot go around excommunicating everyone publicly. It would be a difficult job, especially in these modern dark times. If you do some searching around you can find a list of criteria that will lead to excommunication.

With this being said, I believe IMO, that the Pope should publicly declare particular politicians as excommunicated. Not because they aren’t already excommunicated but because many people are unaware of this. They need to be made an example of and publicly declared against, so the faithful and outsiders know, without a doubt, that these traitors have been cast out (at least until they make reparations and seek to correct their ways).


2 thoughts on “Latae Sententiae

  1. I totally agree. One of the Church’s biggest mishaps, however, is just how much it has integrated humanism and the like in its activities and so forth. The entire postmodern Catholic structure must be ripped asunder and purged of heretical elements before any public excommunication and condemnation could occur, which is why I am certainly hoping for the right elements coming from the East to seep into it in time as politics inevitably polarises and general discontent increases.

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    1. I do pray for the restoration of my Church. The modernistic creeds need to be cast out. There is an interesting prophecy about the coming of a Great Monarch that I read about several years ago. It’s pretty amazing how some of the predictions of it are coming to fruition now. I’ll have to make a post about it.

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