Temptations of the Reactionary

I saw a tweet the other day that said, “The temptation of the reactionary is fascism. The temptation of the Neoreactionary is libertarianism.” I find this interesting, and accurate to a degree. Although I cannot comment the latter statement, I can comment on the former.

Why is the temptation of the reactionary fascism?

The reactionary is drawn to order, hierarchy, traditional values, homogeneity, and to a degree powerful leaders. Fascism somewhat, offers these. It offers a charismatic powerful leaders, homogeneity, tradition, hierarchy, and order. It also romanticizes militarism, which brings out a sense of awe. But, as a Catholic and true reactionary I cannot accept fascism. It is modern in this foundation, and a mockery or true order, and proper monarchy. Its hierarchy is populist, and lacks true nobility and aristocracy. Its order is enforced by a massive state, many times a police state. Its homogeneity is civic in nature, not ethnic, revolving around the modern state, and not a collection of culture, people and traditions. Its leaders are demagogues, not Kings. Furthermore, as hypnotic as militarism is, it is a creation of modernity growing out of Napoleonic mass conscription. It gives fuel to exterminatory warfare. All of its positive offerings are available in true Monarchy, which is ordered properly and to an extent divinely. Fascism lacks the spiritual essence and philosophical foundation that aristocratic monarchy offers. However, it is important to note that fascism did many times defend religion, and had a spiritual aspect of it due to its opposition of communism. Christian Monarchies order grows out of the authority of the divine. The police state maintains order through fear and force of the state. Not to mention the aesthetics of Monarchy are more beautiful.

Do not give into such temptations.



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