Is It A Threat?

One of the biggest differences Ive noticed between Reactionaries and Conservatives is the question of Islam. To an extent we both agree that Islam is both undesirable and a threat to the Occident. However, the priority of that threat ranks differently between the two sides. Conservatives see Islam as the greatest threat to the Western world. While on the other hand the Reactionary sees liberalism as the greatest threat. Here is why.

Liberalism is an internal threat, while Islam is external. Islam is invasive while liberalism is subversive. Islam only poses a major threat because of the destruction wrought by leftist politics. Islam can be dealt with fairly simply. Stricter immigration policies, strong monarchial political leaders, strong commitment to the Christian faith, stop starting revolutions in the Middle East and prudent judgments on whats best for the Occidental people. Liberalism destroys all these things. It creates a multicultural, politically correct, tolerant, accommodating society that leaves it vulnerable and open to external threats. Liberalism is eating us from the inside, while Islam assaults us from the outside. Furthermore, liberalism allows for Islam to seep into the internal, creating a deeper problem.

Eradicate liberalism and its ideals and Islam can be confronted properly. The reason conservatives don’t understand this is because what they are trying to protect is everything the Reactionary is trying correct. Conservatism is trying to conserve modernity. It works within the parameters of the leftist paradigm and that is why it is a fruitless opposition to anything. It is nothing more then the shadow of leftism itself. Addressing Islam as the greatest threat is only attacking a symptom and not the disease. Restore the occident to its glory and defending against Islam becomes much more of a realistic possibility. As long as liberalism and modernity reign we won’t be able to solve shit.


2 thoughts on “Is It A Threat?

  1. The West is essentially caught between a rock and a hard place. Liberalism cannot work with Islam, as it is opposed to everything a liberal holds dear. Yet the liberal embraces Islam as they both hate the traditional and the Christian. Thus they work together to undermine the remains of traditional Christendom.
    But as liberalism despises all religion, he spreads his ideology to the home land of Islam and we get the current chaos in the Middle East.
    Therefore, as you said, removing Islam won’t save the west. Only crushing modernity will.

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