Addressing the “Nazis Are Leftist” Statement

This has bothered me for quite a long time. From various forms of social media, among other outlets of conversation, I continually see Conservatives claim that Nazis are leftists, and I continually see American leftists state that Nazis are right wingers. What if I told you that both of you politically inept plebs are to some extent correct?

Nazism is leftist due to the fact that its grounded in the Modern Nation State and within modernity. However, the same thing goes for you American conservatives. You are a leftist, a liberal. I know its hard to accept but you are and Nazism and Fascism are more “right” then you, while at the same time still being leftist. So please for the love of God stop using it as an attack on progressives, because in makes you look stupid. Your all leftists and all of your failed ideology stems from the nation state. So either actually join the Right, or come up with new words to use. Its annoying. For those who need it put into one sentence, here you go: Yes Nazis are leftist, but not in the way you want them to be.



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