Modernity & Its Parasitic Nature

The narrative we are told in these dark times is that we built a new, and better civilization when the last of the Kings were thrown out or killed. That the rise of democracy, republicanism and its materialistic economic systems are part of the linear progression of history. Men today believe that we only improve as we go on. It is a fatal flaw to hold the belief that history is linear, for it is not. It is cyclical. Ages cycle from low points, to high points and then decline back down. We are currently living in a decline, drawing ever closer to the collapse. The good news is that once such a collapse takes place the regeneration of a cycle begins. That bad news is the destruction that may be wrought in such a storm. Furthermore, most of us will  not live to see the rise of the new. Which is why it is important to build for the future of our people.

Modernity itself is parasitic. It is a vulture that only survives by living off the corpse of a dead civilization, masked by advancements in technology alone. We chug along because we live in a world that feeds off what our ancestors built. The wisdom, statecraft, tactics, inventions, etc, all were created before our time. We have slowly been killing the aspects that made the Occident great. We can only survive so long by living off what we once had, it will eventually run out off fuel. Many people refuse to believe this, they see advancements in technology and medical science. People can live longer and more comfortable so why would anyone believe its all falling apart. It is a mask, that is all.

It is important to realize this. The sooner we realize such things the easier it will be to set our minds on what is important. We must build families, communities, devotion to religion and cultivate the culture that we want to see returned. We must build a legacy. That is the only way. Trying to solve our problems with a vote, or a protest won’t save us. Only battering down the hatches and building will secure a future. In the storm that comes only the prepared will survive. Only those who have worked for what comes after. Take the “live in the moment” philosophy that modernity has taught you and burn it. Burn everything that does not make you a better man, or women. Put your effort into what comes after. Think about your peoples future, and not just your own. What you leave behind in this life is what shapes its future, not what you acquire for yourself, but what you build for you lineage.

Think about it.



7 thoughts on “Modernity & Its Parasitic Nature

  1. An excellent post. It is going to take a long time to reverse the damage done by modernity.
    I would say that even technological advancement is stagnating at this point. A slightly thinner phone or a better resolution television isn’t exactly what I would call advancement.

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      1. My pleasure. The advanced technology usually dies in concept after a quick show on a tech magazine or website. Some get to prototype but rarely see the light of day beyond that. Those that do get to development usually have some (at least from what I have observed) ability to make money and that’s about it. Just look at tablet computers, personal drones and VR goggles.


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  3. I get the point you’re making in this post, however… I don’t see how it’s really possible to argue against a linear history from a Catholic perspective, considering the fact that history is indeed progressing toward the End. Certainly history is not progressing toward the ideal man or the perfect utopia or any such Leftist nonsense, and sure we’re in a decline, but I don’t see this decline as part of a cyclic pattern, rather it is specific to the purpose of Divine Providence for this point in history. Of course history is made up of individual and mass human actions, yet it must be remember that it is guided to a purpose by Divine Providence.

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    1. Valid point sir. I guess I was approaching it from a different perspective, such as that of civilizations rise and fall and there seems to be low periods and high. I agree that revelation in a sense is linear. One could also look at it in the way that we rise and fall but eventually that decline will be the last decline before the return of Christ. Although our time is dark and this may be the final age, we also don’t know for certainty and there could be a restoration. For example of the great monarch prophecy is true then it could be said that their will be another high point that shall cycle back up after modern collapse, following that will be the final decline. So in a way it’s both linear and cyclical. Civilization is cyclical in a way but eventually it will be the last cycle. But it is defiantly not a upward linear progression as leftists envision.

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      1. It certainly makes sense in that context. I myself would go one step further and say that since the Incarnation the cycles of Western Civilization also in a sense progress. Thus the decline of Rome led to the rise of Holy Rome and Christendom, the fall of Christendom will lead to the rise of a Greater Christendom, and the final decline (whenever that may be) will lead to the Return of the Eternal King.

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