Modernity: The Manifestation of Lucifer

Recently I tweeted a series of tweets about sinfulness. This was brought about by a observation Ive made about many on the “alt right”. There seems to be a “holier then thou” attitude among many of its proclaimed members. They consistently bash people for being sinners and talk as if they themselves are perfect in holiness itself. This is a fatal error if approached wrongly.

First it is important to recognize sin for what it is. There is nothing wrong with condemning sin itself and speaking the truth. Examples of this would be condemning things such as pornography and sexual license. Where we must tread carefully is when it comes to condemning a particular person. We are all sinners, it is in our fallen nature. One of the counter-reationary understandings is that wickedness does not come from institutions but from man itself. If someone struggles with a particular sinful habit or addiction and is ashamed of such acts, feels guilt, yet desire to change, then it is important to help that person. Condemning them outright can drive someone further into sin, and even into more sins such as despair. If we are serious about reducing the degeneracy of the time then it is important to assist those who are calling for help.

On the other hand, the biggest problem with the modern world is not sin itself, but the disposition that most of mankind holds toward it. There appears to be a immense amount of pride taken in sinful behavior in this age. This attitude is what should be condemned. The lack of guilt is a dark and decpicable thing. Guilt is the souls call to action, it is what motivates us to seek reconciliation. That guilt is the ingrained goodness of God deep within our soul that tells us that we have done wrong. That we have not only offended our creator but also our fellow brothers and sisters. Feeling no guilt shows not only a deep disorder in our nature, but disconnect with the divine. Those who boast of their sin and actively take pride in their degeneracy deserve to be shamed.

This is what is so dangerous about the modern world, many have been led to believe that particular degenerate acts are indeed completely normal and okay. The biggest issue that arises is not sin itself but the affirmation, normalization and even push toward sinful behavior. The modern world shows a glaring manifestation of the demonic. It consistently is whispering temptations into the ears of men. Driving them deeper and deeper into the pits of hell until all is lost. Darkness begins to consume all the world at an ever increasing rate. It is even many times State sponsored, which itself is a gross perversion of the duty of our leaders. To counter this it is important to lead noble lives. To be men of good will, strong conviction and virtue. We must lead with an example, not only for our own sake but for the sake of others. Many, I believe, will follow. Those that struggle yet know what they do is wrong will find hope and renewal in the strength of the noble man. Im afraid, however, that those who are deeply proud of their sins can only be healed by the divine. But those who struggle and sit on the edge of despair can be helped. In personal experience it has helped me to see others lead virtues lives. To witness men turn away from the depravity of modernity gives hope to those who feel lost in a sea of darkness and can give them the hand needed to help pull them out of it.


So my friends. Be sober of mind. Be wise. Be virtues. Have courage, conviction and strength. The tide will only rise further. Be weary that you don’t drown. And remember, if you can help a sinner do so. The restoration begins with the revival of the soul, and within ourselves. If we are wicked and depraved we cannot fix the exoteric. If the soul flourishes it shall radiate outward like a light that will show others the way.

To live as one likes is plebeian; the noble man aspires to order and law.” -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



An Ancient Case Against Democracy

Many who criticize us Reactionaries and Monarchists claim that our system of government is outdate. While it is true that Monarchy is quite old, democracy itself is also quite old. Both democracy and republicanism were tried centuries ago in Greece, and later in Rome. To be fair, they were quite a bit different then what we have today, but nonetheless were the forerunners of modern systems. In the following piece I am going to lay out a historical event that shows the dangers of rule by the people and how it threatened Western Civilization.

In the late 6th century BC, early 5th century, the Persian Achaemenid Empire was at its peak under Darius I. Several of the Greek regions in Asia Minor were under the control of Persia. Up until this point the Greek mainland was off the radar for Darius, who didn’t pose a threat to cities such as Sparta or Athens. Furthermore, Persia was known for its tolerance in rule. It allowed local cultures to keep their religions/traditions and even rulers as long as they bowed to the Persian Emperor.

However, things took a different turn at around 499 BC. The Greek region of Ionia banded together and lead a revolt against the Persian rule. A man named Aristagoras (the deputy governor of Miletus) was the man behind this revolt. Prior to the revolt, Aristagoras sought allies from several places, most notably Sparta and Athens.

This is were our case against Democracy comes into play. Aristagoras first appealed to the Spartan king, Cleomenes I. Cleomenes asked how far he would have to march to defeat this foe, but when he discover that the capital of Persia was a three month journey he declined the offer. Next Aristagoras went to Athens, which at this time was a democracy. He appealed to the people of Athens reminding them that the Ionian Greeks were decedents of Athens. Of course, the masses being emotional and easily persuaded, voted to  support the Ionian revolt.

Because of this mistake on behalf of Athens, Darius turned his gaze on them and mainland Greece and it sparked off the Grecco-Perisan Wars. It shows the difference between the decision of a single King for what is best for his people, verses the emotional and many times stupid decision of the masses.

Another quick example: When Persia began to island hop its way to the Greece mainland it went from city to city, burning it and enslaved anyone who had supported the Ionian revolt. Eretria was once such city. Before the Persians arrived the Aristocracy wanted to defend the city but the democrats wanted to let the Persians come, believing that if they didn’t resist the Persians would show mercy. They ended up listening to the democrats and guess what? Persia burned their city and took all the population and transported them back to Persia to be slaves.

These are the fruits of Democracy folks. These are the results of decisions made, not by Royal Races, but by demagogues.


Quote of the Day 

“I reject republicanism. At the head of races, above the elite, there is Monarchy. Not all monarchs have been good. Monarchy, however, has always been good. The individual monarch must not be confused with the institution of Monarchy, the conclusions drawn from this would be false. There can be bad priests, but this does not mean that we can draw the conclusion that the Church must be ended and God stoned to death. There are certainly weak or bad monarchs, but we cannot renounce Monarchy. The race has a line of life. A monarch is great and good, when he stays on this line ; he is petty and bad, to the extent that he moves away from this racial line of life or he opposes it. There are many lines by which a monarch can be tempted. He must set them all aside and follow the line of the race. Here is the law of Monarchy.”

– Conreliu Zelea Codreanu (The Iron Guard, 1936)

Mild Christian Hermeticism

Many of the most intelligent reactionaries I interact with are of a school of philosophy called perennialism.  Most of them are of Catholic or Orthodox religion. This may sound strange given the nature of the philosophy. Many of them, from my understanding choose such a religion due to the fact that it is the faith of their ancestors. I can not speak to it too heavily for I do not want to give false information. But, this post is not so much about parennialism, it is about something else.

As a Catholic, I cannot accept such a philosophy because it claims to much. It claims that a religion such as Catholicism may be true, but there is salvation outside it. Of course, my lord has commanded otherwise so I cannot in good conscious accept it. However what I can accept is something that Mark Citadel coins as “Mild Christian Hermeticism.” Mark puts it as such,

What we can accept however is what I have coined ‘Mild Christian Hermeticism’, a reference to the great Pagan prophet, Hermes Trismegistus. In this, we can affirm that the sacrifice of the incarnate God on the cross is the only source of salvation and is the final great revelation before man. However, it also allows us to say that knowledge of the divine realm can come from sources outside of the Christian Tradition. Just to illustrate, I can confirm the mystical nature of the Hindu Vedic Scriptures, but deny that they are entirely accurate in their description of reality, or that they offer any kind of redemptive or salvific hope in the complete sense to the Hindu.
Far from a contrived justification, this is actually how notable early church fathers viewed religious matters. Perennialism simply claims too much, though I can attest that its scholars were very well-versed and articulate, and indeed should be studied.

Knowledge of the divine realm, or that beyond the veil may not be exclusive to Christianity alone. It is important to note that we believe that Catholicism (or in Marks case Orthodoxy) is in deed absolute truth, therefore all it teaches is true, however it does not teach everything that is truth. It teaches what is necessary to be saved, and to bring man back into union with the Lord. This of course is all that is necessary, there is no need for most people to peruse knowledge outside of such structure, and in my opinion I recommend against it because it can, especially for those not well versed in their faith, cause error. However, there are a few intelligent enough people who may dabble in esoteric things, and if you do such a thing I highly recommend you be careful and stop if it ever becomes a threat to your faith.

To continue we see that the truth of scripture and the Church are the absolute truth, but they do not reveal to us all the information of the divine realm, mainly because it is unnecessary for its purpose, which is the salvation of fallen man. To further explain how “Mild Christian Hermeticism” works I am going to show a series of graphs to help conceptualize it that were given to me by a fellow Catholic Monarchist I interact with named Alex Forrest (you can find him on twitter if you would like to follow him, he’s a very intelligent man.)

This first graph shows how during the fall of man from grace we lost a portion of the “good” as truth.


This second graph shows how the amount of truth is limited to our capacity to understand it, with regards to our fallible and fallen nature. This graph also fixes the graphical error in the first graph.


The third graph illustrates the importance of the Catholic faith, and its importance to both existence and salvation.


In essence the Catholic Church is a creation by God for us. Its prime goal is to draw mankind back to the divine so that it can reascend to the Kingdom of Heaven. The Beatific Vision is the pinnacle and summation of all truth and is only accessible in this state, aka. Salvation. However, although what the Church teaches is all true, it does not teach all truth, because one, we cannot know all truth this side of heaven and two, it only teaches the truth required to attained the former. It teaches the truth that is necessary for the salvation of souls. This leads to the concept of “Mild Christian Hermeticism”, which in summary is the possibility of attaining some truths outside of the Church, although not necessary for salvation. This can also be seen in the Christianization of particular pagan aspects during the early period of the Church. In essence the Church baptizes any good or truth that comes from a particular pagan philosophy. We can see this most notably in the writings of Aristotle and the other great Greek thinkers.

Therefore, because the perennial philosophy claims that salvation can come from other means it contradicts the truth that we hold, because part of that truth is that Christ’s death and resurrection was necessary for our salvation and the Church is the Lords creation for brining us back into union with him. To claim that salvation may come from outside means claims to much.

This fourth graph shows the relations of different religions.


And finally the fifth graph shows the dangers of higher levels of intellect.




In conclusion we can draw several things from this. Firstly, we see that the Catholic faith teaches only truth, but not all the truth. It only teaches the truth necessary for salvation, which if attained reveals ALL truth. Secondly we see that other truths can be obtained from outside sources, although NOT necessary for salvation. Thirdly, we see that in good conscious a Catholic or Orthodox cannot accept perennial philosophy due to its contradiction of the revealed truth of salvation by the Lord God. And finally, we see that the greater the intellect the greater the risk of error.

Once again I do not recommend nor is it required of you to pursue any outside knowledge of truth, besides that within the Church. It is better to play it safe and stay within the structure of the Church and its revealed truth, then to run the risk of falling into error. If you do pursue outside knowledge be weary and sober of mind and always discard anything that may contradict the truth of the true faith. If it does not contradict then it may be true, but do not take it as an absolute.

Hope this helps. Stay vigilant.



The Lion And The Ox

A very interesting insight from Anti-Dem.


“One law for the lion and ox is oppression.” – William Blake

* * *

When I tell people that I don’t believe in equality, the response I get is invariably one that combines horror with incomprehension. How, people ask, could I not be in favor of equality? Equality is, after all (and as Tocqueville ably illustrated) the very business of America! How could I not think equality the most desirable state to which mankind can aspire, and that which we must work together to build? How could I not wish the government to pass laws to grant us more of it, and to want it implanted as a value in every human heart?

My reply is that they have misunderstood me. I do not say “I don’t believe in equality” in the sense that I might say that I don’t believe in Objectivism or Communism or Juche. I say…

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A Fools Hope

Twitter is an interesting place. On one hand, it has allowed me to expand my blog readership and has put me into contact with some great people. On the other hand, it is overpopulated with many different shades of “rightism”. The major twitter presence appears to be  populists. Dissidents from the mainline rightest sphere. This is to be expected of course, most people usually won’t take it past that.

Now before I go on let me clarify that I have followers and follow particular populists who I do like, many of them good principled people. There is, however, a growing number of low IQ and crass people crawling the far right. Anyone who is on twitter will be aware of this. Furthermore, I am not a populist. I am a Legitimist, a Monarchist, my issue is not with rule, it is with the form of governance which a people are ruled by, and who is worthy of such power.

The Populists see a fix to the current decline, at least a hope of one, in Donald Trump. I will be honest, Trump is very likable, so I understand why people would view it this way. However, Trump cannot fix the issues at hand, for the issues are not with the ruler but with the system of such rule. Now it would be true that Trump or a candidate such as him could “better” the current situation, but it will not be our salvation. If Trump wins and does do good things for the country those that came out with fire to support him will slowly fade back into the background and become complacent once again, until they get fed up with the next presidential cycle and come back out. Democracy is like a roller coaster that goes up and down, but eventually it comes time to get off. That time is close approaching, Trump may give us one more go on the ride, but how long can it truly last?

Im not saying not to vote. I don’t expect everyone to be a Monarchist, or anti-populist NRx. Im just putting it out there that you shouldnt expect a revival of high culture, Christendom and Occidental glory under a system that was ushered in by those who sought to destroy it. I don’t have all the answers and I could be wrong. But I doubt it greatly.

Want to truly help? Build. Families, communities if possible. Cultivate a noble life, and develop a devotion to Christ. Be a strong masculine Christian male. Defend the true and beautiful. Teach others, your children. Start the revival now. Build the foundation for the the revival. You cannot usher in a a good leader like Trump, or even a King on a weak foundation. No Leader or King can solve the ground level issues of degenerate and individualist lifestyles. Cultivate, create and build. This is going to take awhile.

“For, when everything is said, there could be no civilized society were it not that deep in our hearts, beneath all the turbulences of greed and vanity, abides the instinct of obedience to what is noble and of good repute. It awaits only the clear call from above.”

— Paul Elmer More

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