A Fools Hope

Twitter is an interesting place. On one hand, it has allowed me to expand my blog readership and has put me into contact with some great people. On the other hand, it is overpopulated with many different shades of “rightism”. The major twitter presence appears to be  populists. Dissidents from the mainline rightest sphere. This is to be expected of course, most people usually won’t take it past that.

Now before I go on let me clarify that I have followers and follow particular populists who I do like, many of them good principled people. There is, however, a growing number of low IQ and crass people crawling the far right. Anyone who is on twitter will be aware of this. Furthermore, I am not a populist. I am a Legitimist, a Monarchist, my issue is not with rule, it is with the form of governance which a people are ruled by, and who is worthy of such power.

The Populists see a fix to the current decline, at least a hope of one, in Donald Trump. I will be honest, Trump is very likable, so I understand why people would view it this way. However, Trump cannot fix the issues at hand, for the issues are not with the ruler but with the system of such rule. Now it would be true that Trump or a candidate such as him could “better” the current situation, but it will not be our salvation. If Trump wins and does do good things for the country those that came out with fire to support him will slowly fade back into the background and become complacent once again, until they get fed up with the next presidential cycle and come back out. Democracy is like a roller coaster that goes up and down, but eventually it comes time to get off. That time is close approaching, Trump may give us one more go on the ride, but how long can it truly last?

Im not saying not to vote. I don’t expect everyone to be a Monarchist, or anti-populist NRx. Im just putting it out there that you shouldnt expect a revival of high culture, Christendom and Occidental glory under a system that was ushered in by those who sought to destroy it. I don’t have all the answers and I could be wrong. But I doubt it greatly.

Want to truly help? Build. Families, communities if possible. Cultivate a noble life, and develop a devotion to Christ. Be a strong masculine Christian male. Defend the true and beautiful. Teach others, your children. Start the revival now. Build the foundation for the the revival. You cannot usher in a a good leader like Trump, or even a King on a weak foundation. No Leader or King can solve the ground level issues of degenerate and individualist lifestyles. Cultivate, create and build. This is going to take awhile.

“For, when everything is said, there could be no civilized society were it not that deep in our hearts, beneath all the turbulences of greed and vanity, abides the instinct of obedience to what is noble and of good repute. It awaits only the clear call from above.”

— Paul Elmer More

Some good further reading on Social Matter: Here


8 thoughts on “A Fools Hope

  1. Good article. The alternative Right’s infatuation with Trump is not surprising given their backgrounds, but many Catholic rightists have fallen into the trap as well. I understand why: a charismatic alpha male has finally stepped forward, promising to bring a halt to the current demographic and economic trends of America. But we have no reason to believe him; in fact, he has flip-flopped on most issues several times and his only claim to fame is being a loudmouth and a mediocre businessman. There is also the question of his moral character; in many ways he is the embodiment of the worst aspects of the American project.

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      1. For me (and I fall somewhere in the NRx/Alt-Right sphere – I’m still searching for my place, truth be told), I see in Trump…hope. Simple hope.

        Seeing someone, *anyone* with money and influence speaking our truths to power was like giving a dying man a cup of cold water. I don’t like democracy, but I understand that I’m not going to rise up and overthrow that system. Without a true and complete financial collapse, I can’t see democracy and liberalism in the West ever getting overthrown. So realizing this, a man like Trump and a seizure of the GOP apparatus by Right wing populists is the closest thing to a “victory” I can imagine in our current society.

        In my eyes, even if he reneges on his campaign promises, we’re no worse off than we would have been. That’s why I am supporting Trump.

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      2. Understandable. And as I stated I am not urging anyone not to vote. My article is both a warning, and a call to do more (in ones own personal life), for those people who will just vote and go on with there life’s.

        Appreciate the comment


  2. I agree with your observations on both Trump and Democracy. To me, Trump represents the epitome of the democratic system: a strong alpha-style, populist who promises the people a better tomorrow if they vote him in today. While he is certainly the best candidate out of the bunch, the best he can do if he wins is jury-rigging. Sure he could do good, but as you say, how long can it last?

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  4. It’s hard to pin down the reasons for Trump’s success when he has no competition. I think a lot of people just appreciate his implied promise to stop using FedGov as a weapon against them. The Trump coalition may find it fractures along several lines if the man wins, but that’s for another day. For now. people want the boot off their face.

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