Modernity: The Manifestation of Lucifer

Recently I tweeted a series of tweets about sinfulness. This was brought about by a observation Ive made about many on the “alt right”. There seems to be a “holier then thou” attitude among many of its proclaimed members. They consistently bash people for being sinners and talk as if they themselves are perfect in holiness itself. This is a fatal error if approached wrongly.

First it is important to recognize sin for what it is. There is nothing wrong with condemning sin itself and speaking the truth. Examples of this would be condemning things such as pornography and sexual license. Where we must tread carefully is when it comes to condemning a particular person. We are all sinners, it is in our fallen nature. One of the counter-reationary understandings is that wickedness does not come from institutions but from man itself. If someone struggles with a particular sinful habit or addiction and is ashamed of such acts, feels guilt, yet desire to change, then it is important to help that person. Condemning them outright can drive someone further into sin, and even into more sins such as despair. If we are serious about reducing the degeneracy of the time then it is important to assist those who are calling for help.

On the other hand, the biggest problem with the modern world is not sin itself, but the disposition that most of mankind holds toward it. There appears to be a immense amount of pride taken in sinful behavior in this age. This attitude is what should be condemned. The lack of guilt is a dark and decpicable thing. Guilt is the souls call to action, it is what motivates us to seek reconciliation. That guilt is the ingrained goodness of God deep within our soul that tells us that we have done wrong. That we have not only offended our creator but also our fellow brothers and sisters. Feeling no guilt shows not only a deep disorder in our nature, but disconnect with the divine. Those who boast of their sin and actively take pride in their degeneracy deserve to be shamed.

This is what is so dangerous about the modern world, many have been led to believe that particular degenerate acts are indeed completely normal and okay. The biggest issue that arises is not sin itself but the affirmation, normalization and even push toward sinful behavior. The modern world shows a glaring manifestation of the demonic. It consistently is whispering temptations into the ears of men. Driving them deeper and deeper into the pits of hell until all is lost. Darkness begins to consume all the world at an ever increasing rate. It is even many times State sponsored, which itself is a gross perversion of the duty of our leaders. To counter this it is important to lead noble lives. To be men of good will, strong conviction and virtue. We must lead with an example, not only for our own sake but for the sake of others. Many, I believe, will follow. Those that struggle yet know what they do is wrong will find hope and renewal in the strength of the noble man. Im afraid, however, that those who are deeply proud of their sins can only be healed by the divine. But those who struggle and sit on the edge of despair can be helped. In personal experience it has helped me to see others lead virtues lives. To witness men turn away from the depravity of modernity gives hope to those who feel lost in a sea of darkness and can give them the hand needed to help pull them out of it.


So my friends. Be sober of mind. Be wise. Be virtues. Have courage, conviction and strength. The tide will only rise further. Be weary that you don’t drown. And remember, if you can help a sinner do so. The restoration begins with the revival of the soul, and within ourselves. If we are wicked and depraved we cannot fix the exoteric. If the soul flourishes it shall radiate outward like a light that will show others the way.

To live as one likes is plebeian; the noble man aspires to order and law.” -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



2 thoughts on “Modernity: The Manifestation of Lucifer

  1. “Condemning them outright can drive someone further into sin, and even into more sins such as despair.”

    “It consistently is whispering temptations into the ears of men. Driving them deeper and deeper into the pits of hell until all is lost. ”

    “But those who struggle and sit on the edge of despair can be helped.”

    This is something I have been thinking about for a while. I see on many traditional Catholic, and other Christian, and the “alt-right” / NRx sphere a general attitude of condemning “the world” as fallen, sinful, terrible and hopeless. I have always thought that this is not very helpful, as it only drives “the people” into sinning even more, since they would start to associate Christians (and consequently, God) as an ever-angry, unmerciful god who is quick to deal out punishments to sinners. This is not to say that we Christians should stop pointing out the failures of the current world. But rather, we should do it in the most possibly charitable manner, and always, always give people a way out. Quite a few of my friends, who are by the way not Christians, have talked to me about this idea that I find very relevant to the Reactosphere (and to me as well, in general): “When you criticise, you should also present a solution”. And I also believe that we should be more gentle in our criticism about the world. You know what I was thinking of? A line from the Bible about God: “He (God) is slow to anger, and quick to forgive”.

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