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Progressive Corruption: Altruism

Progressivism, leftism, liberalism, or whatever you may call it has a veritable uniqueness to how it impinges upon particle goods or truths. Leftism is the ideological embodiment of cancer. Like cancer, which is a disordered mutation of a cell, leftism is the disordering of, among many things, goodness or virtue. Betwixt the things it disorders lies altruism. This, also known as charity, is a virtue. Not only did our Lord God teach charity,

One who is gracious to a poor man lends to the LORD, And He will repay him for his good deed. – Proverbs 19:17

but it was also understood by the virtues pagans such as the Stoics.

Every mans life is sufficient. But thine is nearly finished, though thy soul reverences not itself, but places thy felicity in the souls of others. -Marcus Aurelius

To be altruistic and charitable, when done within the parameters of prudence is indeed a noble virtue to hold. However, like any virtue it must be properly ordered and contained within a framework, lest it be corrupted into something less then desirable.

This is precisely what leftism has done to such a virtue. It not only removes the prudential judgment required to maintain altruistic acts, but also removes the moral guidance containing it. It degrades into a holiness spiral of virtue signaling and a vicious propagation of so called “rights”. As far as imprudence goes, altruism becomes degraded once sound judgment is removed. Let us put this into a real life example.

A homeless man stands at the street corner. You could, 

A. Give him money in the form of cash. 

B. Buy him a meal or give him a jacket. 

The latter example, option B, would be the prudent decision. The first option is imprudent because money, although containing the possibility of helping him, runs a very high risk of being spent unwisely by the homeless man. While the latter option is prudent because it addresses his immediate needs.

Imprudent decisions however, are not exclusive to leftists. What is exclusive to leftism is the moral derailment of altruism. We see this in moments such as “gay rights” or “feminism”. Due to the loose moral parameters of liberalism it has characterized such movements as being altruistic or charitable. “We must selflessly fight for these peoples “rights”. Between the imprudent judgments and the destruction of the moral order it creates what we see today. To further top this all off, leftists seem to do things not out of a true sense of altruism, that being out of selflessness, but out of a desire to signal their statues of “virtue”. It becomes nothing more then a charade.

The truly noble exercise altruistic deeds with prudence and a true desire to help another, without expecting a reward or recognition. Those who are charitable with sound morals and good judgement, never speak of it. Selflessness requires one to be selfless, which includes the negation of an earthly reward. In a room full of people, the one that speaks the loudest of his altruistic acts, is most certainly doing it for the wrong reasons. While the man you least expect may be the most charitable.

Note: I intend to do a little series on Progressive Corruption and to clear away the deformity that the left brings to particular goods. To once more restore these goods to the proper order they belong. A reactionary understanding of things, if you will.


I apologize to my readers for not getting material out as often as I did a few months ago. I’ve been busy with things in my personal life and job. Eventually things should settle down allowing me more time. Till then I will post when I can. 

Thanks for the patience. 

Cultivating Internal Order Among The Chaos

A huge factor the differentiates the reactionary from the modern man is his internal disposition. In my time in college, and now the working world one of the most notable features of modern man is his spite and joylessness. One of the angriest, must unsatisfied people I work with is a gender studies major and feminist. Its interesting to see how people such as the feminists, the homosexuals, and all the revolutionaries are never joyful no matter how many cultural and political victories they win. They consistently are in a state of hatred. This is interesting to me due to the fact that as a reactionary my entire worldview, principles and beliefs are in radical opposition to almost every aspect of modern culture and society. Yet, I am still able to find joy, smile and make others laugh. Am I tempted by despair at times? Of course. But my internal disposition, or at least the disposition I work toward (I am by no means where I intend to be yet), is much different from that of the revolutionary.

The reactionary man attempts to harness the spirit of tradition. He seeks to build within himself discipline and duty. His goal is to cultivate a life of nobility, honor, and virtue. Because the reactionary rightfully understands that these things are necessary not only to transcend the darkness around him but also to lay a foundation for those who come after him. The biggest difference between the traditional man and the revolutionary man is “creation opposed to destruction”. The revolutionary destroys, he tears all things down in an ever growing hunger to consume all around him. This is what makes him so joyless. His disposition is not about seeking out virtue or devotion to the divine. He laughs at notions of discipline and duty, instead only seeking pleasure and vain attempts to eliminate what he sees as chains that bind him to higher authority. The revolutionary is consistently at war with not only his own nature, but that nature of divinity and reality. He must destroy, because there is always something that is holding him back from becoming completely free, in his mind. On the other hand the reactionary is able to find joy because he lives for meaning outside of himself. He understand his nature is fallen, he understands the notion of hierarchy and most importantly he understand that he must answer to a power far greater then his own will. He seeks to create within himself the proper order in an attempt to align himself on the correct path. Instead of destroying his chains he embraces them. He embraces the chains of morality, duty and discipline which consequently frees him from the truest from of slavery, that of self. He is able to find joy knowing that even if the world falls further into destruction, victory will be had in the end.

Although the life of the reactionary in this modern world is difficult it is important to live. I’ve said it many times before and I will continue to drill it into your head. You must cultivate within yourself the virtues, truths and discipline that you want to see flourish. Unlike the revolutionary who destroys to get his way, the reactionary must cultivate. He is a gardner. He does not seek to destroy tradition but seeks to live it. And in a time where it is absent, he seeks to rejuvenate it.

“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” -Greek Proverb

This is not to say he cannot, when necessary, take up the sword and fight when he must. But what the reactionary seeks to destroy is not truth, but the cancer that grows on the truth. However, before one seeks to change the culture around him, one must first cultivate the proper order within himself. Restoration must be placed on a sound foundation.

“Acta non verba” my friends. Deeds not words.


I shall leave you with this…

“The ones who truly love their traditions don’t take them too seriously. They march to get their heads shot off with a joke on their lips. And the reason is that they know they’re going to die for something intangible, something sprung from their fancy, half humor, half humbug. Or perhaps it’s a little more subtle. Perhaps hidden away in their fancy is that pride of the blueblood, who refuses to look foolish by fighting for an idea, and so he cloaks it with bugle calls that tug at the heart, with empty mottoes and useless gold trim, and allows himself the supreme delight of giving his life for an utter masquerade. That’s something the Left has never understood, and that’s why its contempt is so heavy with hate. When it spits on the flag, or tries to piss out the eternal flame, when it hoots at the old farts loping by in their berets, or yells “Women’s Lib!” outside the church, at an old-fashioned wedding (to cite just some basic examples), it does so in such a grim, serious manner — like such “pompous assholes,” as the Left would put it, if only it could judge. The true Right is never so grim. That’s why the Left hates its guts, the way a hangman must hate the victim who laughs and jokes on his way to the gallows. The Left is a conflagration. It devours and consumes in deadly dull earnest. (Even its revels, appearances notwithstanding, are as grisly an affair as one of those puppet parades out of Peking or Nuremberg.)The Right is different. It’s a flickering flame, a will-o’-the-wisp in the petrified forest, flitting through the darkness…”
The Camp of the Saints, Jean Raspail (1925–)

Stalinism, Subversion and Progressivism

What if I told you, unbeknown to him, Stalin “saved” Eastern Europe from the current progressivism we see today. By no means was Stalin a hero, or even remotely a good man, but his tyrannical, boot-heal despotism may have created the circumstances that stunted the growth of the current progressivism. If I recall correctly this theory was pointed out by Mark Citadel  but I cannot pinpoint where. If someone does happen to know please send me the link so that I can properly give credit where it is due.

So how does this theory work? Simply put, Stalin killed all opposition. Unlike the academic and culturally marxist ideology of the current western left, Stalin leftism put up leftward defenses. Once in power he purged all those who were not himself. Any ideology, view or form of leftism that wasn’t his own he removed, not through debate, or subversion, but through complete and total destruction. What this caused was a halting of any possibility of “Cthulhu swimming ever leftward”. It in essence kept the Soviet Empire in a static state. Furthermore, due to the nature of Stalins use of power it disallowed the necessary circumstances required for current progressivism to take root. The progressive ideology prevalent in the west is subversive. It does not flex its muscle through gun barrels and boot heals. The approach of the cultural marxist ideology is much more devious and deceitful. It infiltrates itself into institutions, government, religion, warping the minds of people. Unlike the Soviets, who just eliminated traditional or right wing groups and drove them underground where they could still maintained a certain amount of purity, the modern western leftism subverts traditions and religion internally. It changes just enough of the dogma, at just the right pace that the average commoner does not notice, or if they do, believes anything from the past to be “outdated” (subversion). It is generational, moving each generation more left by introducing more leftist ideology. The leftism of the 50s is now too right wing to those in the current generation. The current generation will be to “right” for the next. As it does this, it accelerates until it will eventually reach a tipping point. At this point a number of possibilities will arise. One, it will become gun-point soviet style despotism in which it will seek to eliminate any opposition. Two, all will be so utterly subverted that there will be nothing to eliminate. Three, due to its use of importing other cultures, namely Islam, it will kill itself and be replaced. Or four, it will kill itself before it reaches any of the above three and some form of movement back to the true right will begin. The latter two options seem to be very viable due to current trends.  All that is certain is that it will eventually collapse on itself. History has show us on multiple occasions that leftism destroys itself, either through the weight of its own failure or by being usurped by something different. Stalinism collapsed on itself, but because enough people maintained their traditions through underground channels it was able to heal to a degree. Intellectual leftism never grew roots. But the west is a different story, intellectual leftism has rooted itself in deeply and it is still somewhat unknown what will come of it.

Of course in the end this is all theory. It speaks to the importance of leading a noble and reactionary life. The importance of building strong foundations and linage, so when that tipping point comes, there will be a hope of salvaging our tradition from the ashes of the fallen empires.

We shall see.


We Do Not Belong

*Note: Not Yet Edited for Grammar and Spelling*

As Christians it is said we do not belong to this world. We have one foot here and another in the next life. Our focus and gaze should be ever fixed on reaching the next life and following our God. Some Christian groups  may use this as an excuse or a reason that a Christian should refrain from being involved in governmental rule or temporal power. However, I see it as a reason for a good Christian government.

The modern world, in its broken and empty vastness, lacks fundamental principles of order and truth. It is a vacuum of deception. The reason that we feel so deeply alienated in this world is due to its order. This world is ordered based on an anthropocentric disposition.  For those of you not familiar with the term, it means to hold mankind as the center and most essential element of existence. This world is ordered in a way that only lives for the “hear and now”, it lacks anything transcendent, any spirit of tradition or divinity. It is just a void of the “self”. The secular world has ripped God out and replaced it with nothing more then the petty will of wicked man. The ever changing tides. This leads to a sense of emptiness, loss, despair and angst. We know, at our core something is wrong, but many cannot grasp what.

Contrast this with the old order. Under the Holy Reich of the Roman Empire, and other such Holy Kingdoms the order mimicked that of the divine realm. It was a top down hierarchy in union with the Church and the divine. Obviously, it was not without sin or hardship but the dispositon of the old order was that of a Theocentric understanding. It placed the divine as the pinnacle of existence and society ordered itself based of this understanding. Even the pagans of old understood this. In the Christian context this aided man in his journey to God. It was not an end in itself, like many believe it to be, but a guide that assisted man in his union with God. In this proper order the faith was abundant and practiced, community was organic, authority was proper and all this put man in a position to seek God more readily.

It is important to understand this. Christian Monarchy is not the end goal, nonetheless it is arranged in such a way that it aides mankind on the narrow path. It attempts to mirror the heavenly realm as closely as fallen mankind is able to do. It offers man purpose beyond that of himself, provides him with a community of faith and puts into context the reverence and honor due unto those who hold a higher place then him. In the modern egalitarian culture how can we ever preceive the honor due unto God when we cannot even grasp the concept of hierarchy. In the modern degenerate culture based on mere feelings mankind loses the aid of a pious community. And in a world that puts the will of man first, how can one ever truly understand the importance of doing Gods will.

This my friends is why we as Christians must seek a restoration of the proper order. Not as an end, not for our own glory, but for that of Gods glory, which will aid us in our journey to him.

Via a post I read on Facebook,

“Death to the Republicans and Democrats. Death to the Bonapartes and their Infernal Legions. Death to the Communists. Death to the Fascists. Death to all False Emperors and Usurper Kings; may their False Imperiums and Unholy Kingdoms come to not. Glory to the Holy Reich and may the men who fought ‘neath the Golden Flag merit Eternal Rest with Our Lord in mansions made from the gilded skulls of his foes.” -Anonymous