We Do Not Belong

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As Christians it is said we do not belong to this world. We have one foot here and another in the next life. Our focus and gaze should be ever fixed on reaching the next life and following our God. Some Christian groups  may use this as an excuse or a reason that a Christian should refrain from being involved in governmental rule or temporal power. However, I see it as a reason for a good Christian government.

The modern world, in its broken and empty vastness, lacks fundamental principles of order and truth. It is a vacuum of deception. The reason that we feel so deeply alienated in this world is due to its order. This world is ordered based on an anthropocentric disposition.  For those of you not familiar with the term, it means to hold mankind as the center and most essential element of existence. This world is ordered in a way that only lives for the “hear and now”, it lacks anything transcendent, any spirit of tradition or divinity. It is just a void of the “self”. The secular world has ripped God out and replaced it with nothing more then the petty will of wicked man. The ever changing tides. This leads to a sense of emptiness, loss, despair and angst. We know, at our core something is wrong, but many cannot grasp what.

Contrast this with the old order. Under the Holy Reich of the Roman Empire, and other such Holy Kingdoms the order mimicked that of the divine realm. It was a top down hierarchy in union with the Church and the divine. Obviously, it was not without sin or hardship but the dispositon of the old order was that of a Theocentric understanding. It placed the divine as the pinnacle of existence and society ordered itself based of this understanding. Even the pagans of old understood this. In the Christian context this aided man in his journey to God. It was not an end in itself, like many believe it to be, but a guide that assisted man in his union with God. In this proper order the faith was abundant and practiced, community was organic, authority was proper and all this put man in a position to seek God more readily.

It is important to understand this. Christian Monarchy is not the end goal, nonetheless it is arranged in such a way that it aides mankind on the narrow path. It attempts to mirror the heavenly realm as closely as fallen mankind is able to do. It offers man purpose beyond that of himself, provides him with a community of faith and puts into context the reverence and honor due unto those who hold a higher place then him. In the modern egalitarian culture how can we ever preceive the honor due unto God when we cannot even grasp the concept of hierarchy. In the modern degenerate culture based on mere feelings mankind loses the aid of a pious community. And in a world that puts the will of man first, how can one ever truly understand the importance of doing Gods will.

This my friends is why we as Christians must seek a restoration of the proper order. Not as an end, not for our own glory, but for that of Gods glory, which will aid us in our journey to him.

Via a post I read on Facebook,

“Death to the Republicans and Democrats. Death to the Bonapartes and their Infernal Legions. Death to the Communists. Death to the Fascists. Death to all False Emperors and Usurper Kings; may their False Imperiums and Unholy Kingdoms come to not. Glory to the Holy Reich and may the men who fought ‘neath the Golden Flag merit Eternal Rest with Our Lord in mansions made from the gilded skulls of his foes.” -Anonymous



3 thoughts on “We Do Not Belong

  1. ” Death to the Fascists”

    By fascists, you mean nazis? They are quite different from one another, as this guy proposes here:

    “By Fascism, we refer to that political thought which came about in the first quarter of the twentieth century, and was attempting to find a “third position” between capitalism and communism. Fascists wanted to combat uncontrolled capitalism, much like communists did, but disliked the way communists often removed national identity and religious faith. The concept behind Fascism was a strong central government to which economic leaders and workers could appeal to (in the place of unions, which were seen as self-serving interest groups), and which could maintain the cultural and moral standards of a nation while keeping it strong.

    By National Socialism, we refer to a variant of the “third position” which came about in Germany, and is associated with the Nazi Party of the Third Reich. Although it’s popular for people to treat Fascism and National Socialism as equal terms, to do so is intellectually dishonest. While both ideologies did reject communism and uncontrolled capitalism, and both ideologies saw a strong connection between the people as a whole and the state as a whole, there were some significant differences. For example, whereas National Socialists held very strong cultural and genetic views regarding race and national identity, Fascists emphasized the members of a state serving that state, regardless of race or identity. Another example is seen in how Fascism focused on defense and irredentism, whereas National Socialism had a doctrine of a nation’s expansion and supremacy over neighbors, should the time financially come (the infamous Nazi concept of “breathing room”). It is also worthy to note that, while National Socialism was tainted by antisemitism nearly from its birth, Fascism as a doctrine was never inherently antisemitic. (Two important facts to point out here: many of the founding members of Italian Fascism were Jews, and Integralist Fascism, by and large, outright rejected antisemitism).”


    1. Fascism has its redeemable qualities but when it comes down to it it’s a modern system. Try not to to take the quote so seriously. It was a one a guy wrote about the Holy Roman Empire. I thought it was bad ass so I but it into here. Don’t read into to much.


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