Stalinism, Subversion and Progressivism

What if I told you, unbeknown to him, Stalin “saved” Eastern Europe from the current progressivism we see today. By no means was Stalin a hero, or even remotely a good man, but his tyrannical, boot-heal despotism may have created the circumstances that stunted the growth of the current progressivism. If I recall correctly this theory was pointed out by Mark Citadel  but I cannot pinpoint where. If someone does happen to know please send me the link so that I can properly give credit where it is due.

So how does this theory work? Simply put, Stalin killed all opposition. Unlike the academic and culturally marxist ideology of the current western left, Stalin leftism put up leftward defenses. Once in power he purged all those who were not himself. Any ideology, view or form of leftism that wasn’t his own he removed, not through debate, or subversion, but through complete and total destruction. What this caused was a halting of any possibility of “Cthulhu swimming ever leftward”. It in essence kept the Soviet Empire in a static state. Furthermore, due to the nature of Stalins use of power it disallowed the necessary circumstances required for current progressivism to take root. The progressive ideology prevalent in the west is subversive. It does not flex its muscle through gun barrels and boot heals. The approach of the cultural marxist ideology is much more devious and deceitful. It infiltrates itself into institutions, government, religion, warping the minds of people. Unlike the Soviets, who just eliminated traditional or right wing groups and drove them underground where they could still maintained a certain amount of purity, the modern western leftism subverts traditions and religion internally. It changes just enough of the dogma, at just the right pace that the average commoner does not notice, or if they do, believes anything from the past to be “outdated” (subversion). It is generational, moving each generation more left by introducing more leftist ideology. The leftism of the 50s is now too right wing to those in the current generation. The current generation will be to “right” for the next. As it does this, it accelerates until it will eventually reach a tipping point. At this point a number of possibilities will arise. One, it will become gun-point soviet style despotism in which it will seek to eliminate any opposition. Two, all will be so utterly subverted that there will be nothing to eliminate. Three, due to its use of importing other cultures, namely Islam, it will kill itself and be replaced. Or four, it will kill itself before it reaches any of the above three and some form of movement back to the true right will begin. The latter two options seem to be very viable due to current trends.  All that is certain is that it will eventually collapse on itself. History has show us on multiple occasions that leftism destroys itself, either through the weight of its own failure or by being usurped by something different. Stalinism collapsed on itself, but because enough people maintained their traditions through underground channels it was able to heal to a degree. Intellectual leftism never grew roots. But the west is a different story, intellectual leftism has rooted itself in deeply and it is still somewhat unknown what will come of it.

Of course in the end this is all theory. It speaks to the importance of leading a noble and reactionary life. The importance of building strong foundations and linage, so when that tipping point comes, there will be a hope of salvaging our tradition from the ashes of the fallen empires.

We shall see.



7 thoughts on “Stalinism, Subversion and Progressivism

  1. I am trying to recall where it was I pointed this out. I think it might have been one of Reactionary Ian’s Christian hangouts, or during my discussions with Adam Wallace about Paganism and Christianity, but I’m not sure which one. Either way, this very much encapsulates my thoughts on the matter. Cultural Marxism wasn’t really Russian, it was Italian/German.

    It’s annoying what the mind forgets, because somewhere I was reading about the arrest of Antonio Gramsci, and how many Mussolini-allies wanted him killed (Evola perhaps was part of this chorus), but I think Giovanni Gentile protested. He was a soft touch. ‘Proved to be his downfall when he was shot on the steps of a courthouse by a communist radical. Why had he been there? To negotiate the release of a communist activist. Irony at its finest.

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