Once again I apologize to my readers for the lack of posts. I’m currently going through some discernment on if I am going to stay in the Latin Rite. Whether that be a move to the Eastern Catholic Rite or a full conversion to Orthodoxy is yet to be seen. I am doing a lot of reading, praying and seeking guidance from both fellow Catholics and Orthodox brethren to try and understand more fully. I ask that you keep me in your prayers during this period in my life. It is not an easy time, nor is this a light choice for it could contribute to salvation or damnation. I ask that you pray for me that God shows me the path of truth. 

Posting shall resume next week at the latest. 


9 thoughts on “Update 

  1. JQH

    I’m going through a similar struggle. I’m drawn toward the Orthodox Church, but I grew up Lutheran. my father is a Lutheran pastor, which makes matters more difficult. I’ll keep you in my prayers

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