Turning Inward

Good post by Testis Gratus over at his blog Ad Calvariam

Ad Calvariam


[First posted at WCR: 1 July 2016]

In the West, proper meditation and contemplation have generally been forgotten. The modern is usually much too concerned with the external to care about real introspection. The idea of inner reflection is often seen as passé. Anyone who would think of doing such a thing is merely engaging in the act of navel-gazing like those ridiculous idealists with their heads in the clouds. Leave it for the oriental monks high up in their mountains. Of what use is rumination and these other pursuits to modern man? If we want to be virtuous, we must be men of change and action! If you’re not out in the streets signalling your holiness, then what’s the point?

Even those who seek what’s been lost are looking in the wrong places. Most of the present forms of inward prayer in our society are poor copies imported from the far East, which are paraded around as…

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