On Repression

Another good piece by Testis Gratus over at his blog Ad Calvariam

Ad Calvariam


[First posted at WCR: 13 August 2016]

As our society progresses further into the Kali Yuga, Western governments reach out to grab more and more power over their nations. Governmental centralization has become predominant in the Modern era. The current regimes hold an unprecedented amount of dominion over the West. Yet, libertarians and conservatives seem incapable of finding a solution beyond tax reform and begging everyone to stick to the Constitution. Without power, all they’re doing is pointlessly bemoaning their losses. Political suppression, the loss of “muh freedoms and liberties!,” is no accident. Spanish statesman and philosopher Juan Donoso Cortes offers an appropriate observation:

There are only two possible forms of repression: one internal and the other external; religious repression and political repression. They are of such a nature that when the religious thermometer is high, the thermometer of political repression is low; and, when the religious thermometer low, the political thermometer—political repression—tyranny…

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