The Evolution Of My Politics

Its been a while since I last posted anything. I apologize for that. Anyway I would like to jot down in this post a brief overview of the evolution of my political journey.

Where it all started….

I was raised in a big R, conservative, upper-middle class family. My father, hailing from small town Oklahoma, was raised Mormon before converting to Catholicism later in his life. Due to his upbringing in not only a red state, but also a Mormon home, it is easy to understand how his leanings were to the right. Although I have my issues with Mormonism, it is hard to ignore the strict moral and traditional family values that it pushes. Growing up I always remember my father being very open politically, consistently highlighting his contempt for the democratic party. A mixture of this along with the values of hard work, the importance of family and a good support structure at home laid the foundations that my current beliefs are sitting on.

Aspect of faith…

I was raised Catholic. I attended a Catholic grade school and was taken to church on Sundays and other holy days when I was young. When I got confirmed (for those of you that don’t know, it is basically when I began to hold responsibility for my faith) we stopped going to Church. My parents, although very traditional in the aspect of family, had the typical baby-boomer approach to faith. My mother was raised somewhat irreligious (Christian, yet not) and I suspect due to my fathers exposer to Mormonism’s strict rules he was somewhat turned off to heavily structured religion. Unfortunate as this may be I will still forever be grateful for the fulfillment of the duties of forming my faith the best they could and taking me to mass. It has no doubt allowed me to return to my faith later in life.

Youth and young adulthood….

During high school was when I began to lead to very secular and hedonistic lifestyle. I never became an atheists but I was nominally Christian (something we are all too familiar with in the modern world). I maintained my big R republican stance and was quite known by my peers for being a political hot-head.

Following this period in my life I began college (or University for those of you outside the states). This period in my life is when the political evolution truly began. I majored in Political Science and began to explore not only the different stages of political change though history but I also began to explore the history of the world itself. At the same time that my political journey began, my journey back to Catholicism also began. This was due to the fact that many of my acquaintances in college were protestant. They constantly pestered me about being Catholic (many believing it to be a pagan religion). This caused me to look into my own faith and its history. By this point I had begun to reject the two-party system and began to move into the libertarian/classical liberal ideology. Without going into much detail, the mix of me reverting to my faith and a honest look at politics, history and statecraft caused me to journey further and further back. I eventually stumbled across Mark Citadel’s blog Citadel Foundations. This began to seal the deal. I began reading older books, Rx blogs and deeply exploring the importance of tradition.

I am now in my mid-20s and my evolution of politics has lead me to the counter-revolutionary Rx view of the world. Now that my understanding of the world is more solidified, I have been attempting to foster a noble and virtues life that I wish to see flourish. It has not been easy, and breaking many old habits has been hard so I ask any of you who pray, to pray for me.

In a very brief and undetailed nutshell, that is the journey that led me to where I am. I am grateful to be raised in the family I have. Although my parents aren’t ideal or even close to my current worldview they did lay the foundations that brought me to where I am. I have also had a decent influence on my fathers political thought which is at least a step.

Keep up the good fight fellow Thought Criminals.

Quote of the Day 

Been reading Guénon lately. Came across this passage.
“Humanism was the first form of what has subsequently become contemporary secularism; and, owing to its desire to reduce everything to the measure of man as an end in himself, modern civilization has sunk stage by stage until it has reached the level of the lowest elements in man and aims at little more then satisfying the need inherent to the material side of his nature, an aim is in any case quite illusionary since it came constantly creates more artificial needs then it can satisfy” – Guénon Crisis of the Moden Word 

Neoreaction, Alt-Right and Politics



I can not lie: I am really enjoying the convergence of Trump, mainstream media and the Alt-Right. Trump signing up with Breitbart is the final confirmation. Dutchies had never heard of Breitbart before a week ago and do not understand what is going on. I have known Breitbart since a year or so because of Milo, the homosexual journalist with fabulous hair. Back then he was touring around the US on his dangerous fag tour, trolling people with alt-right memes and generally being a funny flamboyant gay. Recently he got banned from twitter when he gave the Ghostbusters remake a deserved thumbs down.

Now Hillary Clinton will apparently give a speech on thursday explicitly addressing alt-right. The final final confirmation. Oh boy.

Who expected it to go this fast? Not me. At the same time I’m not surprised. The internet is by large a free speech zone which means memes flow freely and…

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