Random Thoughts

Thoughts that I have that either don’t constitute an entire blog post or may get one down the road.

The rise of sexual fetishes, kinks and homosexuality directly correlates with the over-stimulation that modern man receives in a hyper-sexual and pornographic culture. Sexual stimulation leads to dopamine release. The more you release the more your brain craves, leading to more and more extreme means to get that “high”. In a modest society where hypersexual media isn’t available and intercourse is an act between married couples (open to life), it becomes satisfactory and ordered properly.


The modern American complains that everything gets politicized, yet still wants to live in a democratic system. Get used to the Faustian bargains of modernity folks.


Westboro Baptist Church doesn’t seem to realize that God also hates heresy. They are in for a shock.


If you identify as a different gender then what your chromosome indicates, you have a mental illness and need to be institutionalized.


Glory is not an abstract concept only attainable by conquerors and kings. Glory is the manifestation of excellence. One can attain glory in many different capacities. Remember, that such excellent deeds are not diminished just because they may go unpraised.


Capitalism is a materialistic ideology that contributes to mass immigration in an attempt to provide cheaper labor. Communism and Capitalism are different sides of the same coin.


Fascism is too modern to be a sustainable or long term system.


Weed will make you a libertarian. That alone is reason not to smoke it.


Women are more demotic and vindictive then men. Which is not a good trait when it comes to foreign policy.


Money may alleviate material suffering but only faith can alleviate existential suffering. Even then suffering is unavoidable. Offer it up to the cross.


The modern world addresses symptoms, not the root cause. A perfect example would be gun violence.





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