The Forge of Struggle

Passion is a word that has its root in the Greek verb πασχω, meaning to suffer. It is, by definition, a near uncontrollable emotion or desire for something. We all struggle to become masters over our emotions (passions), allowing our emotions to run rampant is not only a danger to the destination of our immortal soul, but it is also a danger to our physical well being, along with a danger to the community. We can see examples of this in movements such as BLM, Nazism and Nihilistic Black Pillers. BLM and Nazism are both fueled by anger (rage) and hate. Black Pill takers are overcome with despair. It is important as reactionaries and men of virtue that we control our emotional response to things in a prudent manner.

I tweeted today about my struggle with such things. Life, it seems at times, can be a rollercoaster of uncontrollable emotions. There are times I feel angry, deeply saddened and even apathetic. Now, it is okay to have righteous anger, or to experience sadness if they don’t control you. However, apathy is never okay. It is demonic in its origins. Adam Wallace of West Coast Reactionaries responded to my tweet with a wonderful statement.

A reactionary should be stable and intense like [the] Sun, not shifting and emphased like the Moon. -Adam Wallace

We must all strive to achieve mastery over are emotions. For us Catholics and Orthodox it is important to pray to God that he gives you the strength to not be overcome by emotions. Due to our fallen nature, our life is a constant struggle. This is not news to the reactionary nor is it an impenetrable wall. It is a mountain, something that is big, yet can be overcome with perseverance, faith and courage. The struggle of life is a challenge that all of us should be willing to meet. Just as fire tempers steal, so too does struggle temper our resolve. Struggle is our forge. Suffering is our fire. By overcoming such things, by meeting them head on with courage, man can remake himself. It is not a easy journey, and the path to nobility is full of perils and false paths. There is a reason that Jesus told us the path is narrow and many are lead astray. The righteous path is dark and rough, but at the end glory awaits.

So my friends, I say to thee. Fight. Struggle. Suffer. Overcome. Rome was not built in a day, and neither is the noble man. Temper your soul in the fires of struggle and emerge victorious, ever stronger.

Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor. -Alexis Carrel



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