Of Kings And Demagogues

Recently, the nation of Poland proposed an outright ban on the heinous and evil crime of abortion. Shortly following said proposal massive amounts of women took to the street to protest. Not only did they protest in the streets but many women (and a few men) walked out of a Catholic Mass after the priest called for a ban on it as well. Shortly after the protest,  “Lawmakers with Poland’s ruling right-wing party voted in a tumultuous parliamentary commission session to reject a proposal for a total ban on abortion.” With the minister of science and higher education, Jaroslaw Gowin stating that the protest, “caused us to think and taught us humility” and that “there will not be a total abortion ban.”

To those of us on the dissident right, this is terrible news. Which brings me to the topic of this article. The duties of a King, verses the failures of the politician.

For those of you on facebook, there is a page called The Patriarchy (I recommend following it). The founder and editor of the site recently had this to say,

A king was fist born the son of a king, born of a lineage of rulers. From his earliest years, he was schooled intensively in history, geography, languages, diplomacy, the sciences of theology and the arts.

He trained with his father’s soldiers in the making of war, and knew that earning their respect was paramount to his success. He was tried and tested every day of his life, and if he was found wanting, the throne was passed to another. If he became king, he would seek to preserve and enhance his realm, carefully husbanding both the land and its people so as to pass them intact to his offspring.

A politician comes to power only by being the most skillful liar, con-artist and teleprompter-reader. His power entirely dependent upon the whim of the people, he must tell them what they want to hear the vast majority of the time. Lacking substantial means of his own, he will be prey to greed; and this, combined with is limited term of office, will induce him to tax and loot and pillage and avail himself of every kind of corruption. Once out of office, he no longer has any care for the people, aside from continuing to draw money from them to pay his handsome pension.

The king is to the politician what a homeowner is to the squatter.

-Micheal MacConnell

For any of you who have read my page on Monarchy, I have spoken of this. Hans-Herman Hoppe makes this very clear in his book Democracy: The God that Failed speaking of how the it is in the best interest of a King to not over exploit his peoples because it will reduce the amount of money in his estate which in turn will create problems for his lineage.

Besides the economic interest a Sovereign has by not exploiting his people too heavily he also has an interest, nay, a duty to safeguard his realm and people. He, although listens to the pleas of his people, is not owned by them. They do not control him. And when the masses cry out for the “freedom” to do evil he has an obligation to dismiss their whims and reprimand them for their inclination to evil.

A monarch plays the role of a father. Similar to that of the household structure, the King is a father of his nation. His first, and primary duty is protector of his “family”. Just as a father take the hard stances and tell his children “no” when they seek to do things that may cause harm to themselves or their family, so does the King stand firm in his resolve and tells the masses “no” when they seek similar ends. Monarchy stems from the Greek orgins of mono, meaning single, and arche, which is a word that means leadership. Therefore, a Monarchy is the fatherly rule of one man.

To allow the shifting whims of the masses to determine that an evil is a good is a failure of duty and an offense to God. Not only is this a temporal danger to the physical well being of a populace, but also a danger to the souls of men. To allow men to fall into the very pits of hell in the name of “freedom” is a crime so heinous it cries out to the heavens. Those nations that fight for the freedoms of evil will reap what they sow. God, although wishing all men to be saved, respects our will and shall deliver us to our desires if that is what we choose. This is why the journey into hell is a choice we make. If we choose evil over good and end up suffering for our actions, it is no ones fault except our own.

My dear brothers and sisters, now, more then ever is the time to fight for truth, beauty and goodness. Fight with all your might and strength. Do not be waylaid by demons and wicked men. Do not give into despair and anguish. Trust in the Lord your God. If you fight for the truth, if you fight for the Lord he will surly fight for you. All of these unholy empires and usurpers will soon face the justice of God. For the Lord will NOT be mocked. Tremble before his might. Revere him, glorify him and fight for him. For if you do, when God pours his vengeance out on mankind you shall find favor among his court and you will attain Glory for his holy name and kingdom.

Out of ruins we shall rise.

To reclaim the Glory lost.

To restore the eternal order.

We are the Soldier of Christ.

The Church Militant.

Soldiers of Truth.

Rising like a phoenix out of the ashes.

Unstoppable in our resolve.

Unflinching in our mission.

 Gloria in excelsis Deo 





14 thoughts on “Of Kings And Demagogues

  1. Excellent post. I hope you’ll forgive me if I ask you about an idea not really related to your point (I’ve been talking about it with some others, and very would much like your opinion). What do you think of returning to the usage of the word Nation in the strict sense, as a ethno-cultural and linguistic community, and not conflating it with the country or the broader family of peoples that dwell within it (what the Romans called the Gens)? I think this would clear up a lot of confusion surrounding the widespread acceptance of Nationalism, as well as allow a reasonable discussion of the integration of nations within a country. I can go into the exact relations of terms in more depth if you like.

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  2. this was a fine post.

    I have always had high hopes for Poland, and still do… but this is disappointing. the Polish people only have to see what comes with no questions asked abortions by looking at the state of American women and the decline of society in this country. I am a man that has taken full advantage of America’s loose women but now in my mid-forties I am forced to look else were for a woman worthy of making my wife and raising children with with. I see Abortion as a sign of failure. complete and total failure of leadership by allowing the women to dictate the destruction of their own race, their culture and their traditions… the accepted murder of the innocent is a nations own suicide.

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  3. “Shortly following said proposal massive amounts of women took to the street to protest.”

    These BS protests were astroturfed by George Soros and the OpenDemocracy project. The lawmakers who caved are cowards and are unfit to be elites.

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    1. I think there might be some reason behind this cave-in. They could have not done so, but it would put Poland in a vulnerable position as they would have been seen as too anti – USG. I have no doubt that Poland’s government wants to be independent from the global community, but they also realise that this cannot be rushed. If they decide to do it now, they might face a nearly insurmountable deal of opposition.


      1. Perhaps, but I’m not drawing links between this internal social policy and Poland’s geopolitical and security connections. The US would not endanger its useful relationship with Poland over this. I genuinely think the leadership were hoodwinked by these ‘protests’.

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