Quote of the Day

Well I bought myself a Kindle Paperwhite (highly recommended) which has allowed me to increase my book consumption. I am reading several books at the moment, one of them being Evola’s Fascism Viewed From The Right. Which is a critique of fascism. Although Evola is “out there” at times he nonetheless makes some good insights on rightist thought. 


Ideally, the concept of a true Right, what we mean by the Right, ought to be defined in terms of forces and traditions that act formativily on a group of nations, and sometimes also on super-national unifications, before the French Revolution, before the advent of the Third Estate and the world of the masses, and before bourgeoisie and industrial culture, with all it’s consequences and it’s games, which consist of actions and concordant reactions that have led to the contemporary chaos and to all that threatens to destroy the little that still remains of European culture and European prestige” 


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