A Reminder On True Liberty

It is taught in these modern times that the rise of the Enlightenment philosophies and the overthrow of the Throne and Alter was a necessary step in securing “Liberty” for the common man. This “Liberty” is a false liberty. It is the enthronement of a false idol that attempts to claim its legitimacy from the vague notion of the “will of the people”. In short it has become nothing except the pursuit of licentiousness. True liberty is only found in the Christian commonwealth.

As Chrstopher A. Ferrara puts it,

Christendom needs no defense against the charge that it was the enemy of liberty rightly understood. If liberty is defined, not as a mere absence of restraint on human action in the pursuit of whatever one considers happiness, or as the ability to acquire a hitherto unknown abundance of gadgets and other material comforts, but rather as the good life of virtue, the secure possession of truth in individual and social life, and freedom from the bondage of sin for the sake of eternal felicity, then the commonwealths of Christendom were bulwarks of true liberty in comparison with the collapsing secular state of political modernity, which have experience moral, spiritual and cultural decline from the moment they were established- at the point of a gun in every case.


3 thoughts on “A Reminder On True Liberty

    1. They have been going okay. I’ve been busy at my job and was struggling with acedia in the spiritual life. I’ve been working my way out of it. Keep me in your prayers friend. I hope to be posting more again. I’m in the midst of reading a few books I’ve been putting off. How have things been on your end?

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      1. Things have been alright here, I mostly frustrated with my lack of being able to bring the Movement into other media (such as videos and the like) as I had originally planned. Still I’ve been able to keep up with my writings. I know what you mean about acedia, it seems to be almost a spiritual pandemic. Still we must press on. Hope to see more of your posts, God bless.

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