Evening Ramble

It may just be a ramble but Testis put into words many of the thoughts that have come into my head over the last year or so. It is a refreshing read and it is also a good reflection because I know I am guilty of a few of the things. Give this a read and reflect on it. Well done sir!

Ad Calvariam


Some tired thoughts from an observer. Don’t take them too seriously.

On Overreaction

I’m often amazed at how stupid people can be. Perhaps this is foolish since I myself do stupid things and I like to think that I’m somewhat intelligent. Nevertheless, the reactionary nature of the “right-wing” leads a lot of “rightists” to hold really dumb positions. In reacting to the ridiculousness of the modern world, they instinctively swing into some extreme position. They see how idealistic leftists are and become completely pragmatic. They see how optimistic liberals are and become entirely pessimistic. They see women being promiscuous and determine that they’re all worthless whores. They see degenerates being praised and then think that all men are utterly depraved. They see how “altruistic” leftists try to be and conclude that all charity is destructive. They see how weak modern Christianity is and conclude that it is a cuck religion. They see how…

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