Faithless Is He That Says Farewell When The Road Darkens

With the recent strike against Syria by the Trump administration and the furthering pursuit of the aggressive NeoCon policy, many of the former “Trump Train” riders began to jump ship… or…er…train. After the strike against Syria I watched the Rectosphere, Twittersphere and Facebook blow up with backlash from all those who considered Trump “our guy”. This is understandable. After all, those who voted for Trump did so under the pretense that he would stop with this silly foreign policy and focus on “Making America Great Again.” Atlas, he has failed in that…. so far.

Now that the initial rage of this event has subsided, I’m going to make a claim that may ruffle some feathers. This is a good thing. Not in the sense that what he is doing is good or right… but it is good because this whole situation, whether it be Trump, Le Pen or another “rightest” leader, has bolstered a false hope among those of us who claim to be Traditionalists, Reactionaries, Monarchists, Counter- Revolutionaries, ect. It has lulled us back into a comfortable slumber. It has fooled some of us into the idea that democracy may just work, after we spent months, if not years railing against the failure of democratic and republican systems of governance. And even if we didn’t completely fall off into a slumber, what was it that we expected? Did we truly expect a hyper-capitalist to “save” a nation that only a return to Christ could foster? Did we so naively believe that Trump could march face first against a power so ingrained into the governments of the West and win from the top down?

Let us not find despair in this turn of events. Let this be a rattling of our cage and arise us from the comfort that we took in Trump and similar leaders. Brothers, we are counter-revolutionaries. Let us hold true to the principles and conviction that we have been espousing. Let us continue to fight against modernity and let us not forget why. Our war will not be won with votes, nor will it be won with arms. Nay, this is a culture war. It will be won in the family, in the community, in the pews. To truly “Make America Great Again” we must make it great for the first time. Let this nation be converted and let us crown Christ as the King. Let Europa be reclaimed by the sovereignty of our Lord. Let us not put false hope in charlatans and demagogues. Our war is a war of the spirit and what is won there will manifest itself here. We my brothers are the torchbearers and it is up to us to live and cultivate the life we wish to see flourish. We will only forge anew through suffering, penance, piety and faith. Be strong. Be courageous. Do not be deceived. Do not despair. We have a choice upon awakening from the lies of modernity. We either chose despair and nihilism like the weak, or we become ever stronger. We must become guardians. We must becomes those that reflect the light of truth, beauty and goodness.

All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost; The old that is strong does not wither, Deep roots are not reached by the frost. From the ashes a fire shall be woken, A light from the shadows shall spring; Renewed shall be blade that was broken, The crownless again shall be king.” -Tolkien






Side note: Back in December of 2015 Mark Citadel wrote a prediction that Trump would come close to winning and lose. In turn this would cause more people to turn their gaze from democratic modernity and toward a Monarchist or Reactionary stance. As we know now Mark’s predication was incorrect. But it may have only been incorrect on the timing. I think if Trump continues to take the same path most politicians have been taking we may see more people awaken. I believe we have an opportunity in this to bring more people onto our side. Let us see the light in all things and continue our fight of restoring Europe and its offspring’s to the light of Christ, and in turn the world.



Deo duce, ferro comitante!



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